Kyrei Fisher

Gone? … 2704154624

Certainly looks that way. Also looks like this four-game redshirt rule opened up a huge can o’ transfer worms.


I read There might be someone else guess that’s him

Good luck to him, but our starting linebackers are playing more snaps than Chief would prefer due to lack of quality depth. Kyrei is one I figured would be gone after the season - just getting a head start.

I’m just wondering if Calloway is the next one to jump ship.

weed em out. we have dead weight on this team, not sec caliber players, let them all go. we need to sign about 28 this year, count some back from last year and lets get some new blood in here. i hope morris runs the kids that don’t buy in off plus those projects our former staff stockpiled that aren’t working out.

tired of losing, take the saban approach. seems clemson lost a qb and auburn had three announce transfer last week.

Fisher had some offers-Michigan State, Texas, Minnesota, Colorado, Houston. He just never developed under either staff, for whatever reason. Got to think he ends up back at Tulsa or a smaller school.

With how Kyrie handled this. He could’ve easily bashed the staff which is so easy to do in this situation.

Instead on Twitter he talked about how much better things were. About how much better the S&C was and how he though Chad would get things going it just wasn’t a quick turn around type thing. That speaks volume, I knew the players thought things were going in a better direction in all areas and S&C but it’s nice to see it again from a guy who is on his way out and could easily be mad about it.

The better question may be if our coaches can convince him to climb back in the boat. And, beyond that, if the boat is better off with him or without him in the long run.

A lot of things behind the scenes going on in this one that I don’t have any knowledge of. But these are the questions that one wonders about.

It opens up more opportunities for the players. I’d go one step further and eliminate the unfair rule that a player that transfers must sit out a year. Coaches, employees, and even students with other types of scholarships have that freedom.

The rule may not be favorable for teams such as Alabama with their 5 star players. However, teams like Arkansas that are near the bottom of their conference should benefit from the rule.

I agree, and they are keeping this close to the chest. Plus I think our media gurus are following suite also, for good reason I’m sure, (if they know something we don’t).

The transfer rule only helps foster the attitude if it “does not work out for me here I move to the next school or job until I find the coach or boss that will provide me everything I want with my having to putting in the time or effort it take to learn ands excel at the job.”