Kyree Walker

Any new on Kyree?


Not much on where he stands with schools, but I’m told he mentioned to someone he has no idea what he’s going to do as far as reclassifying.

Common sense tells you he stays in the 2020 class. You need to be on campus right now if you’re planning to play in the fall.


I think if he was re-classifying, he would have already done it. … -overseas/

Here is a twist playas!


I wish him the best. I knew something was up when his father and coach quit responding.

Not sure how this will turn out long term.

If somebody had offered me $1 million to skip my senior year and play basketball in China, I’d have probably done it.

Dudley, if a kid like Kyree can get that kind of contract how much more would a top 5 kid get overseas? It makes no sense that Duke and Kentucky get these one and dones with this option available.I think it’s pretty obvious though!

I agree

I think more and more of them (5 star players) are going to start doing this until the NBA figures something out with the NCAA and these kids start coming to school for a couple of years. Then again, neither may figure it out and nothing changes and we see more of them going that direction. Until it is changed, might as well get paid if you can since you are not going to do much of anything in your 1 year on a college campus.

Well… he just said he’s never even thought about going overseas, so I’d say this isn’t true.

“No, it’s not definite. We are looking at all options.”

I hope you’re not going to believe your patients every time they tell you they floss three times a day.

If overseas option becomes popular, why would a rule that requires a player to stay in school for two years instead of one would stop them from going overseas? I would think two year rule will make it worse than one year rule.

All I’m saying is there’s just as much reason to question if the article is bogus, right now, and if the quote is real, or taken out of context. Who knows, but I mean, he’s not even a top 10 player in his class, kind of hard for me to believe he’s getting that much international draw. Especially considering it would only be for a season.

I seem to remember a lot jumping to justices defense after insiders here posted it that deal wasn’t true, (and maybe at that time it wasn’t, I don’t believe that, but maybe) skepticism from all angles is ok.

Solid point PJHawg…I think I was thinking about some possible changes that might happen down the road that I had heard a while back that were being discussed by the NBA along the lines of coming straight out of HS into NBA and if not then going to school for a couple of years and didn’t stretch that thought far enough overseas lol. Thanks for thinking of that and pretend I was never here… :lol:

I’m guessing $3-5 million.

This trend could help Arkansas in the standings in the long run. If the top-15 recruits or so stop playing college ball, it will level the playing field in recruiting. Even if the blue bloods get their pick of the remaining, my impression is that there is a lot less difference between #50 and #100 than #! and #50. Once you get past the top-15 recruits, career results are a lot more hit-and-miss. Evaluation, development, and depth will be able to compete with raw recruiting ranking in terms of results on the court. Coaching will be a lot more important.

The only thing the NBA is likely to do is go back to drafting high school kids. Or an age limit of 18, which is effectively the same thing. But I don’t think they’re going to be taking every 5-star in the country. Rivals has 32 5-stars this year. That would be the entire first round and then some. If that happens, the NCAA should do the same thing it does in baseball: Kids can go through the draft, get drafted (or not), turn down the pros and go to school. Although a kid that gets drafted is not likely to turn it down, it wouldn’t disqualify a kid if he did.