Kyree Walker

… just needs to pack his things and come on!!! :smiley:

I know RD and Dudley both say never rule out anything, BUT Hillcrest Prep supposedly issued a statement that he was playing there his SR year. Of course as usual, there are some that claim that’s not true he’s going to China for a year. My guess is he won’t be coming here (this year anyways).

FWIW, which isn’t much, Walker’s dad told McPherson that he still might reclassify and that he plans to visit UA soon. I take that with several shakers of salt, but it’s there.

The Hillcrest statement came after Kevin Mc’s post on Hogville. So, guess we will find out soon. School starts Monday (college, HS started today in Missouri)

If were to reclassify, he would’ve done it much earlier this summer.

Regardless how good he might be, getting to school in August would’ve been a huge mistake.

You guys are throwing poo on my fun! :laughing:

FWIW, his father told me they do plan to visit but haven’t set a date.

Check is in the mail. :smiley:

This is the guy I thought would get Coach Muss’s recruiting rolling. I just don’t know what to make of what the Walkers say anymore.

I think we all know what to think of the walkers, lol. we’ve seen this story over and over, in football and basketball. these folds who change their minds over and over, rarely come to UA. In fact, I can’t think of a single person, ever. Maybe one of our frosh DB’s right now-bush or the other CB from LA?

Anyway, it’s looking more and more like we have a chance to get walker-like a Lloyd Christmas chance!


Leader Johnson, a “Senior Writer & draft analyst” for @nbadraftroom, out of Philadelphia, reported today (9/12) via twitter…
“2020 5-star Kyree Walker is scheduling a visit to Arkansas soon”

Just thought I’d pass this along. Don’t know how reliable it is.

Good news, I’d think

Edit: Kyree retweeted it and didn’t say it was wrong. Have to assume that means it’s true