Kyree Walker visit

Timing will be interesting. Rotations will be set and he would probably take some time to be in playing shape. Of course you don’t turn down 5-star potential “1 and done” talent. A challenge that I’m sure Coach Muss is willing to accept.

You think he shuts this thing down on his visit?

Hogs land Walker that will call for a Wholehog meet up at the local La Huerta! Senor RD will get the first round of margaritas! And Lynnsanity will get the second! Boom boom!

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Not trying to be too negative here, but coming in at mid semester, he could be behind the other guys on the team. He also would be available for the draft after the season (he will be 19). Born Nov 2000. There is a good chance he commits, never plays, and leaves for the draft.

Don’t get me wrong, if we have an opportunity we should go for it, but that possibility above exists

We have a spot open, get him. He will very likely realize that he needs another year in the program. If not, then he will most likely have been useful to the team for the short time he was here.

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Agree! Would love to have him for the 2019/20 SEC schedule. He just might be the difference between the NIT and the NCAA. Maybe even a little run in the NCAA. If he has NBA or even overseas aspirations, he could sure help his cause with the positive exposure of an NCAA tournament Sweet Sixteen run.

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It certainly would make up for the loss of Isaiah Moss

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Isaac McBride may be in play too. KU is gonna get hammered by the NCAA in the Adidas mess and he’s leaving the Prairie Chickens.

McBride always wanted to be a Razorback! He even implied it during his KU signing day speech.

Some KU faithful now talking about getting Kyree Walker.

Kyree has posted a few drawings of himself in a Razorback uniform the last few days via his instragram account.

If Kyree Walker decides to be Razorback for 1 semester or 3 semesters I believe Coach Muss will gladly accept him and find plenty of minutes for him while he is here.
We need as much talent as we can get since we will most likely go into the upcoming season with a Size Deficit in the front court.

Go Hogs!