Kyree Walker visit

Looks like we are gonna go visit our ole buddy Walker tomorrow? From the looks of it only us and WKU would be the only two schools to visit Walker. This tells me most schools think he is pro bound or he is going to reclassify and they dont have a spot for this year. Works well for us.

To late to reclassify

Last I heard was as a mid term enroll

I have no idea what he’s going to do. Does look like he’ll OV for the Red-White game weekend.

I have no clue how to share tweets now that that college boy Jake Weingarten just tweeted:

Arkansas’ staff is currently in watching Top-40 senior Kyree Walker, a source told


. Western Kentucky the only other team thats watched him recently. Could opt to enroll in college ‘soon’

Hmmm…if that happens (midterm enrollee), he’d be following in the footsteps of the kid from KY a few years ago and may never play. Hard to come in at midterm and take a spot (Harris, Joe, Jones should be the starters at his positions, think he’s too light to play the 4)

I don’t think he’d be able to enter the 2020 NBA draft if he reclassifies in December, unless he’s 19 before the draft. Have to be out of high school for a year. He could obviously go to China then or something.

He is a year behind, it’s something that is talked about on Hogville (yes, I know not the best source), but he is supposedly turning 20 by May.

Remember he still has a full year of high school left. If he’s turning 20 in May that would be two years behind.

That’s the thing, he’s only supposed to have a semester left. That’s why the reclass to 19 was on the table, he was half a year behind. Should have originally graduated in 19. Not sure how they’re getting 20, my guess is he’d be 19 which is what you said about draft. Again, don’t know, going off a source that’s not exactly correct a lot.

I am always suspicious of a recruit continuing to say he is going to OV but is not scheduling it. He has been saying this ever since Muss got here.

It worked. All it took was for me to cast doubt on him ever setting a date. I have been counting on this kid to become a Hog since the day Muss took office.

Jerry Meyer put in a crystal ball for him on TOS! ghg

Feeling optimistic about our boy Walker again!

If he’s serious about playing in China, a NLI is a good bargaining chip. Not saying this is the case though.

What are his legit offers as of now. Reading national recruiting reports, I get the sense that many schools have backed off him. Am I reading the reports wrong?

Walker’s recruitment as a 2019 guy - us and WKU at this point. Why just those two? Not many schools have a scholly to give or would take for possibly one semester of play.

Walker’s recruitment as a 2020 guy - the same offers you’ve seen in the past…many.

If WKY (Stansbury) is involved, I’ll bet a business decision will be made.

FWIW, there’s reason to be optimistic here based off of some recent rumblings I’ve heard.