Kyree Walker has

Nine point at the half. Dream Vision up 38-25 over Upward Stars. He looks the 220 Hillcrest Prep coach Weaver mentioned.

Corey Williams Courtside.

Richard, what is the deadline date if he is going to reclassify to the 2019 class?
Also, I know it had been mentioned that at one time he had his choices narrowed down to Nevada and Memphis. Now that CEM is at Arkansas do you have any indication that Arkansas has replaced Nevada on his list and we are in a two team battle with Penny/Memphis for his signing or will other blue bloods emerge on the scene?

Go Hogs!

I am sure Richard will respond with more reliable information, but 247 Sports now says a three horse race between Arkansas, Memphis and Kansas with the crystal Ball prediction if Arkansas. It says 67% chance Kyree becomes a Hog. He already has an offer from Blueblood Kentucky.

Caution doing what you’re doing there. The Warm and Cool designations haven’t proven to be super reliable. For folks that don’t follow, Arkansas, Memphis and Kansas are pegged as Warm. Also, the 67% is based off of only three crystal ball picks. And, one of those is Trey, who is being influenced by Jerry Meyer’s pick.

Just some context to your post. I do think we are in a good position with him, I wouldn’t speak confidently yet.

Also, he says he’s going to let the summer end before making a decision on reclassifying. We’ll see.

Razor, question about Walker, Terry, and Moody. Depending on which site you look at they all three are listed between 6’5 - 6’7 (I know Moody was measured last month at 6’6 3/4 “with shoes”), and they are all three listed as interchangeable at the 1-3 positions. Have you seen all three enough to give a comparison on all their attributes and skill sets?

Same question for Dudley and Richard.

Similarities between these three may be irrelevant, given CEM’s “positionless basketball”.

It’s not as “positionless” as everyone thinks. That’s why I’m curious about the similarities.

Seen Moody live quite a bit. Seen a lot of film, including live action of Walker. Only seen highlights of Terry. So, I’m not as confident with my thoughts on Terry. With that said, here you go.

Moody is primarily an off the ball guy, who is best catching and shooting. He’s sufficient handling the ball, but he’s a wing, not a combo guard. He’s ok off the bounce, but that’s not a strength right now. High IQ player. Not very explosive, but can play above the rim some. Very long.

Walker is a Marcus Smart type. Best with the ball in his hands. He can score and facilitate, and is best using his strength. He’s a bully. Decent shooter, not great. Can score at all three levels. Explosive.

Terry seems to mainly be a facilitator. Apparently, has great vision and can knock down the three. Doesn’t seem super explosive, but can play above the rim.

Thank you