Kyler Murray Shuns A's.....

…I need 15 Million please :shock: … 127823653/

With what Coach Bro said about him this past October and now he has the number 1 pick in the draft I am not surprised by this. Always felt the way his season was going and with with the the biggest award in College Football that he would give it a shot. Big money big money!

I heard one NFL analyst say it would be a wasted draft pick. He should stay with baseball!

I agree that he should stick with baseball, but the kid must love to prove the naysayers wrong. I just don’t think a 5’7" qb is going to excel game in and game out. I am sure he is going to have to fabulous plays, but a 3.5 year career accompanied with the risk of a body altering injury, doesn’t stack up to his chance at a long career in MLB.

Chance of a long career, true, but he also may never get out of Double A (remember another QB who dumped football for baseball, Drew Henson; he got a grand total of NINE MLB at-bats). MLB is not a guarantee, you can design an NFL offense for a shorter QB (Brees, Mayfield and Wilson are three prime examples) and NFL QB money is better than mid-career MLB money unless you’re a Bryce Harper or Clayton Kershaw type.

I’m sure that was the guys point. Nobody plays in this NFL at 5’ 7” at any position especially QB. He would get killed. He should stick with baseball where he could play a number of years and have a very good career. I don’t know who he is listening to or if just doing this on his own., but he needs to stick with baseball. This guy said he wouldn’t be surprised if Murray went undrafted , but the NFL is full of idiotic general managers.

Good points!! nothing is guaranteed, but you don’t have to be Drew Henson, you could be Todd Helton and play for 16 years. It is a gamble either way, mediocre baseball players make 6 million a year, probably what the backup qb makes. I have seen gifted defensive baseball players learn to hit. If you can hit, you are going to get paid for a long time.

At 5’7 how about Eddie LeBaron?

I would be surprised if the average size of nfl defensive linemen was 200 lbs when he played, as opposed to 275 plus today.

From the article:

“The money gap isn’t large when it comes to NFL rookie deals, either. Lamar Jackson, who was taken with the last pick in the first round of the 2018 draft, has a contract worth $9.47 million ($7.5 million signing bonus) — over double of Murray’s deal with the A’s.

“Were an NFL team to take Murray relatively high, he would stand to have more guaranteed salary in football.”

Murray is in a can’t lose situation, if it is strictly a business decision. He’s a heckuva an athlete.

I say let the kid explore all avenues.
Nobody thought Mugsy Bogues & Spud Webb would have an NBA careers either. Spud even won the dunk contest.

I would choose the one I was best at. Maybe he is doing that.

Seems like I read somewhere that the high pick by the A’s was somewhat of a reach, given his limited baseball experience in college. So he may well think (and be correct in that thought) that his chances in football are better.

Correct it has been discussed by many analysts.
But he did bat something like .500 last spring plus his speed and his defense is pretty good also. Polished no, but big potential & athletic yes.

It is easier to get to the NFL than the MLB. And, you don’t have to hit a curve ball to be guaranteed to be on an NFL roster. I think to play long term in baseball it’s about being a starter. You don’t have to be a starter to stay a long time on an NFL roster. You get drafted in the first round, you are on an NFL roster. I may not understand all of the dynamics of this decision, but I get that one.

If NFL teams pass on him in the 1st rounds as some have said on here, (citing the size factor) then somebody gets a steal later on.
But then he just goes for baseball I guess, however at some point I think he has to declare which path he his taking with MLB spring training coming up, NFL combine & draft.

That sounds like he is negotiating with Auburn…

Why would you waste a first round pick??? This kid is short enough to do a flip under the bed, and they think hes gonna survive in the NFL? It’s not the Big 12. I just feel he’d not be very effective for a sustained amount of time. Plus he would be so injury prone due to his size.