kyle whittingham?

university of utah’s coach…has a record of 104-50 over 13 years and is 10-1 in bowl games.has beaten alabama and is going bowling again this year…know the pac-12 isn’t the sec but has he been mentioned?

Are you serious?


About five years ago I thought he might be an option somewhere, but I don’t think he’s going anywhere. He has lived most of his life in Utah and I think he’ll be there until they run him out of town. He has been with the Utes in some capacity for 23 years. And I don’t think he is SEC level.

That does not seem like a fit at an SEC school.

guess i’ll stop posting as some seem to think that they are the only ones who can state anything.asked about a coach and get the response “mercy” and "are you serious?"well…excuse the hell out of me for expressing an opinion or asking a question on your own private message board.not all of us are geniuses who have all the insiders scoop and think so highly of themselves…sorry clay…you’re probably right he may not be a sec fit but i wish some of these"fans"would quit ridiculing others posts…tired of a few who think they own the boards.