Kyle Peterson

You’re in for a treat if you are watching the baseball games on TV this weekend. Kyle Peterson will be on site with Tom Hart to call the games Saturday and Sunday.

For my money, Peterson is the best baseball analyst on ESPN. I feel like I learn something each time I listen to him call a game.


I agree with you on Peterson. Ben McDonald is a very close 2nd.

Each seems to get along well with whomever he is paired.


Yeah KP is by far the best nobody else is even close in my opinion I do like Ben McDonald forgot about him


Peterson is far and away my favorite to listen to on a ESPN baseball broadcast.


Ben McDonald is okay most of the time, but sometimes the wrapper comes off and you get a bit of the corndog underneath and I just really dislike LSPew. Peterson may do that as well, but I got no reason to dislike any of those Stanford boys so I guess I never really noticed.

For me that extends to the network’s MLB coverage, too.

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I really like Tom Hart too. He’s great and will be ESPN’s main college football play-by-play guy in the years to come.

He has a great personality too! I love how he always adds some local flare to his broadcasts, always mentioning a place to eat or shop or a bar from the town he is doing the broadcast in.

When Kyle is on, I’m happy. I don’t like it when they sometimes crowd in a third in Omaha.


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