Kyle Field looks like it is socially distanced

There were complaints from Florida coach Dan Mullen about Kyle Field not being socially distanced this season. It’s 20 minutes before game time so things can change. But the way people are seated now in the stadium are remarkably similar to what I saw in Arkansas’ two home games this season.

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Never mind. I think another 10,000 have made it into the stands. Lot of folks here.

When they played the Aggie War Hym, the press box (on the eighth floor) does shake a little. It did tonight.

TV shots (early, before Ags came on the field) sure looks different than RRS.

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Doesn’t look like it on TV

Student section has filled in. But most of stadium where reserved seats are have filled in. I don’t know if there are 50,000, but more than 26,000.

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Also looked to me that they had assigned, ticketed seats that followed protocol, and then close to kickoff people just moved where they wanted to be.

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the band and corps were excepted from social distancing because they live together (as family) ALL the time, everyone else was subject to social distancing. I think they did as told, if you want to argue the family concept that is debatable.

Well…obviously I am a conductor…both of choirs and of the Charleston Symphony. They can claim the band is a “family”…but unless they have those kids living in a commune, they are not. My college choir is around each other all the time…but they go home to separate dorms, and apartments. I make them sing with masks…and we rehearse outside under a tent.

As for brass and wind instruments…studies have been going on non-stop since the summer, and those players should have spaced MUCH FURTHER apart. The pressure you create playing a woodwind or brass instrument creates an aerosol that travels several feet. ESPECIALLY BRASS. That is why you can see the orchestras of the world that are playing to either empty or reduced capacity concert halls have the brass players significantly spaced from one another and the rest of the orchestra.

Violins, violas and cellos etc. obviously can be closer together, with the players masked. No aerosols from strings! But the entire Aggie band, save the percussion, was basically giving protocols the middle finger. And that is on the Aggie music faculty and admin.

And I know of what I speak on this. I’ve been immersed in how to make music safely in this pandemic for months.


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