Kyle Field after halftime

I’m sure lots of people hit the concession stands after the Aggie Band performance, but still…

90,000 what? Did they say 90,000 people? Maybe it was $90,000 attending the game to lend support to some of the players they were supporting.

Are they sending a signal to jimbo and AD??? That’s crazy.

Now if there are acres of empty aluminum for the start of the LSU game Saturday night…

I think they may have had more folks at the Salt Bowl than that or even in Jonesboro watching the pink pups……WOW!

It wasn’t just at halftime. Got this pic from the Aggie website.

Was this game televised or was this there one game that wasn’t?

It was streamed.

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Wonder if they had recruits there? I’m sure it want be that empty playing LSwho.

$500M empty stadium. Unbelievable.

How long do they hold on to the nightmarish combination of huge buyout, coach who lost the program, and disengaged fanbase?

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