KY held State to 17 points

and 22 rushing yards…just sayin…

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and got their starting QB back and won.

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Glad some teams still play defense


You have to play pass defense to beat almost any team in the country! Kentucky plays defense both run and pass!

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Their offense managed to stay on the field for 15 minutes longer than ours! That’s some pretty dang good defense right there. Sometimes your best defense is offense.


They also got worked at home by South Carolina.

College Football is so entertaining because it’s so unpredictable week to week.


Not many #2 QB’s can win at home versus an SEC team. Like Arkansas, USCe would be among the best in almost any other conference.

Or on the road against Mississippi State.

I had us at 4-3 at this point (preseason thought the loss would be to BYU) and 8-4 overall.

Sticking with that.

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I’m with you. One more loss more than likely to LSU. They are getting it together right now. Ole Miss will be another shoot-out but we’ll score last.

I kind of thought that would happen last night at Kentucky. Mississippi State seems a lot more comfortable at home, offensively, and Kentucky’s defense is really good. Plus the Wildcats were at a pivotal point after two straight losses and had their QB back.

Mississippi State only scored one offensive TD. The other was a pick-six in the fourth quarter.

Sort of old school good. Not a lot of stars, but everyone flying to the ball and trying to tackle hard.

It’s what we could be (or should be).

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