Kutas commits


Very nice pick up. good offer list with 14 Power 5 offers. In the end, we beat out Oregon, FL St, and Illinois for him.

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RD, do you see DL or OL as his future?

Interesting & gratifying that Kutas turned down Bielema & Illinois.

Any lineman must recognize CSP’s focus & success in building & developing offensive lines. No doubt that Arkansas will soon be a go to school for drafting linemen by NFL teams.


Kutas had said before that several schools were recruiting himas an OL, But Arkansas had told him DL. Either way, the kid can’t lose because he is a two way player.

Coach Ashley was his lead recruiter I believe.

Another great lineman coming to Arkansas. Pittman casts a large footprint to high school lineman who believe they can get to the NFL under his tutelage. We had to beat out some top flight schools for young Mr. Kutas. Glad he will continue to grow our presence in Memphis.

I’m not going to lie: I love when the other schools offered are good, competitive programs. It has no bearing on whether the kid will turn out all right, but it is a nice feeling to be in the room.

O-line now.

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Ok, who’s left for DL/DT?

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Really like him as OL,Great pad level and uses his feet well! He’s a player

I somehow missed this one. Sounds like a nice pickup. If Sam knows anything at all, he knows linemen (key to any team). I like this guys feet. Sort of key for an Olinemen for sure.

OL men better have good feet in the SEC or those SEC DL players will embarrass them.

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