Kurt Anderson, what I am hearing

The Hogs offensive line coach is impressing the high school coaches in East Texas. It’s about time. I have preached and preached forever that Arkansas just must have a bigger presence in my region. We have one now in Big Dude Kurt, the OLinePride.

I would love to see us start being a player for OL’s in this region…

If Anderson can sign an O lineman or two and get some networking going in Texas it would help us in all position on the field. Seems like we might step it up in the Lone star state!

I’m a firm believer that Arkansas can and should recruit East Texas. It’s fertile and it’s not that far away from Fayetteville. The program has a rich tradition of finding great players in that area. The only way to do it is to work there. It can and will happen again in East Texas for the Razorbacks.

Clay, I know that LSU has these huge alumni and booster meetings in Houston and Dallas.

Does coach B and UA do that?

We really need to start to convince these players and coaches we are a serious player…

I think this is one area that should be the most cost effective talent pools available to us. You don’t have expensive air travel since you can drive to it. Hotels are reasonable and you could stay in a very concentrated area. Texarkana Region of Northeast Texas and Shreveport Area is one of the highest concentrations of talent by our state borders. Shreveport to Monroe full of talent. The highway corridor from Texarkana to Houston is equally amazing as we all know.

There are alumni association events in Dallas and Houston. I do know coaches have attended them in the past. I know Bret goes to the Dallas golf outing most every year.

Arkansas has a decent presence in Houston and Dallas areas, but when I say East Texas I am talking basically the area roughly from Tyler southeast to Nacagdoches, Tyler east to Louisiana Line and Tyler northeast to Texarkana, Roughly about a 70-mile radius with Longview as the hub. Schools in this area have some of the best facilities you can have. The chicken industry and coal mining have put ton of money into the school districts. These folks down here have made sure football, baseball and even the other sports have received their shares. In some cases more than their shares. But boys football and baseball are the kingpins here.

Maybe CBB knew CKA would be a good recruiter when he hired him. I know there was a lot of questions about that (and may still be). The O-line obviously wasn’t what anybody wanted last year, but if he can turn that around this year, he will have been a good hire after all. I still say, as with the two assistants hired this year, we’re in a wait-and-see mode, but I like hearing that he is making headway in East Texas.

Coal mining??

yes, I recognize we have kids from Shreveport and sometimes from Monroe but we are not where we were in either place when we could compete for kids signatures excepting LSU. I drive fast so I think Shreveport is just a hop, skip and jump from NWA with improved road. Evangel just had 3 kids pledge for 2018 with lots of talent and seemingly a likelihood to play early, but we were never mentioned (consistent with our lateness in offering in general or just not enough contact?). For the effort we put into Devin White, it was harder for us to make headway than it should have been because my thought is that we are only historically ancient to those area kids which means we are not as well known as we should be given the proximity. Dallas, Shreveport and Monroe would be great places to stuff a recruiting class.

I count Dallas as ArkLaTx, so putting coaching numbers on the ground seems more likely to have higher yield for quality recruits. Of course our brand recognition would jump with more wins, so it then becomes circular or chicken and egg like unless we win some more to allow the coach to walk into a high school and generate some positive reaction. I’d pound the ground in east Texas plus Shreveport/Monroe and get the occasional star out of Florida, Cali and the like. KC and St Louis are worth year round presence also.

KA seems like a REAL MAN that would appeal to East Texans, glad that he is getting recognition. His recognition also jumps if his charges get positive television and print media coverage that reaches the recruits. On field success breeds recruiting wins. Ragnow is a star, so put the right pieces in place with him and see if KA name recognition in recruiting terms concomitantly jumps. Opportunity is knocking and I think coach KA may have to take his own initiative (if he has time) to choose his favorite recruiting locus. With BB and EJ Franks, there may be a master plan laid out to the nth degree which seems unlikely given the BB fly by the seat of his pants often communicated in interviews and on field decisions. However, if KA has some independence in deciding his own time allocation to recruiting an area hopefully he appreciates that which is talent rich in East Texas or the ArkLaTex

Beejay I heard that the East Texas schools play more traditional I formation football than what is played in DFW. Is that true? If so, that is another reason we need to focus on East Texas.

There are electric generating plants in the area that are fueled by lignite. I expect that was the reference to coal.

Several things here. Dallas is not Ark-La-Tex, but that doesn’t matter. You could call Houston or Little Rock or Alexandria Ark-La-Tex as far as I care. East Texas High Schools use a variety of offenses. Carthage, for example, uses a pro-style that resembles the Hogs’. The head coach at Carthage used to coach at Texas High in Texarkana, so that has some bearing on what is employed at Carthage, I’d suspect. Yeah, lignite is mined in East Texas and in West Central Louisiana as well. Lignite is coal as far as I am concerned. A long train load is shipped to ports in Louisiana about every two hours for overseas users. Big Dude Kurt would make imposing figure in Levi’s, cowboy boots and broken-down Western-styled straw hat. His personality, communication skills and expertise at coaching are winning him accolades.He has that Texas cowboy swagger, too. Stay tuned.

Well, what if we put a big felt hat on Kurt and a leather vest. I’d make the vest red or gray or both. Then we could call him Hoss Anderson. No? Done did and gone. How about Hog Andérson? No? Anyway, Bonanza or not, he is a character. Anyway, RIP Hoss Cartwright.

Dude…this is awesome.

Gilmer has two this year go to Tcu and Houston
My pleasant had a Baylor
Longview , Tyler usually have a few

might be out of touch and time, but it fits and would be an opening ice breaker. No beards on Hoss that I could find anywhere, a true gentle giant:

https://www.google.com/search?q=hoss+ca … gdx5hD33uC

Tatum, Carthage, Marshall, and Lufkin are solid schools. Liberty Eylau was always good outside of Texarkana. There are a lot of schools putting out signees in East Texas.

Current offers in East Texas per East Texas Sports Network http://etsn.fm/category/football/

Years ago when I regularly traveled between Dallas and Camden, there were strip mine of some kind along I-30.