Kumar Rocker getting touched up against GA

Down 6-1 so far in top of the 6th. Given up 3 home runs and is out at 100 pitches.

14-2 dogs?! Didn’t see that coming!

Georgia has some hitters.

lol I see that!! At least that game.

Georgia had hit 26 home runs in 28 games prior to last night. The Bulldogs hit seven last night. Three were against Kumar Rocker, including two in his final inning, and four were against Grayson Moore, who had pitched three innings prior to last night and took one for the team when the game got out of hand.

I’m not sold on Georgia being a team that is going to hit for great power often. To put so many runners on against Rocker was impressive, though.

Georgia High School native, giving it up for the Home state. We’d be pissed if one of our guys was starting for Vandy.

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