Kudos to Wal Mart

Good for Walmart. Yeah, I know this is good publicity and they make money off of every shopper that comes in a store. But this is still positive and beneficial.

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Well, I’ ve still not been able to get my vaccine in Fayetteville after getting on waiting list 5 weeks ago. 70 years old, hypertension, blood clots…haven’t heard squat from the pharmacy. Would be nice to know how the pharmacy goes through the wait list…age…first signed up first shot…know someone…? Very frustrating. I asked my Walmart pharmacy in Fayetteville and they don’t have any vaccines.

I work in the technical side of Walmart Health and Wellness and we have been hard at work preparing to distribute the vacine since April.

A lot goes into being ready for it. Very proud of Walmart meeting a need. An excellent example of government and industry working together for the better good.

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It’s a shame all states aren’t on the same program. Ark is still on age 70. Okla stated giving the shots to people 65 and over the end of dec-first of the year.

VA is giving the Vaccine to some folks 55 years and up right now. I should get mine soon. I’m older than some folks that already got their first shot. I was waiting on a local pharmacy but I’m scrapping that idea. I’m calling VA Tomorrow morning. I will be glad when everyone is vaccinated and we can go back to some form of a normal life.

Every state makes it’s determination on what best suits them, Ark definitely needs to vaccinate those 70+ first, over those 65. Some states vaccinated 65 and over, and didn’t vaccinate their teachers, each is doing it as they see best fits their population. By the end of April-May, we’ll probably be in the vaccinate those that want it category.

Here in Georgia there has been a basic shortage of the vaccine and I am on a list of 5,000 at a local pharmacy, I am 85 but feel I am in good shape so no great need, but I stay home basically.

I will be glad when everyone that wants to be vaccinated will be, so we all can start getting back to closer to normal

From everything I know/have learned about pandemics and herd immunity, it’s going to take getting 80+ percent of the population immunized to get out of this mess. I’m not sure we’re going to get there any time soon, not because of pharmacies or vaccine distribution problems but because too many people just don’t want to get jabbed.

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Swine, do you have any idea how the pharmacies are prioritizing those that have emailed to get on the wait list?

No I do not. My guess is that each chain (Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, etc) has its own policies and they all probably differ.

In Alabama you have to be 75 or older to get the vacine. I am 70 and will get my second shot Thursday in Florida.

irunalot, your complaint is very common among my patients. The problem is that the feds determined that each state will distribute it’s own vaccines, in whatever manner it chooses. so 50 states have 50 ways of distributing the vaccine-which they have to receive from the feds.

Are you starting to see a problem yet? So in AR, our Department of Health is distributing it. the ADH has zero experience doing this. zero. nada. ADH was never meant to be involved in distribution and management. so they are giving it to pharmacies, and all your local pharmacies are doing the actual labor.

For instance, Heights Pharmacy on Kavanaugh. small, local pharmacy. Their main pharmacist (who takes care of my mom in wonderful fashion, for years and years now), already has a full-time, busy life running her business. Now ADH gives her about 1000 hours of work to do per month. So she does it. Another pharmacist (who took care of my son at Children’s Hospital years ago, we’ve stayed very close), is mainly retired, but helps out at Heights Pharmacy a few hours a week. Now she’s working over 50 hours a week, just keeping vaccine lists, calling people, giving the vaccine.

And this is happening all over the state. our pharmacists are the unsung heroes on this vaccine wave. never on the news, but quietly going about the job of taking care of all of us. while the politicians take all the credit.

So please be patient with your pharmacy. they are keeping the vaccine list on a yellow pad, or something like it, and instead of going to the gym or going home to see their families, they are calling people and administering vaccines.


Yep. FEMA should have been involved from the beginning, and the military and whatever other resources the feds could provide. Instead they threw it at the states and said “you handle it”. That’s being rectified now, but it should have happened in December. FEMA is now setting up vaccination centers and hiring medical people to staff them.

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Your local pharmacist most generally has a good idea on how to distribute the supply we have. Did you really want a stand in line for however many hours they have in FL? Might be fine in 70 degree weather, but that won’t work in 90% of the country in Jan-March. Are y’all saying it should be a mass vaccination location where 2500 get in line for 1000 shots? I agree with Asa, I think we know in Arkansas the best way to distribute the limited supply we have, once there’s a much bigger supply, mass clinics could work.

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It’s another reason to use a locally-owned pharmacy. Arkansas determined that they would be the ones on the front lines of giving the vaccine. Walmart, Walgreens, and other chains are so under staffed that they cannot/chose not to give it early on. Those of you that called a locally-owned pharmacy to get on their list, yet you are not their customer, should not be surprised that they haven’t called you. They are taking care of their customers first, and who can blame them. Just remember this when you get your refills. Take your service to an independent pharmacy and you will receive benefits like you desire.

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Pretty sure the large chains, CVS/Walgreens, were under federal contract to vaccinate nursing homes that signed up to use them, at least in Arkansas. WM just got supply, 11K doses, to start vaccinating in Arkansas, so I don’t know about being understaffed, or not wanting to. I agree that wherever you do your business, would be the best location to get on their list.

I checked the Walmart website…right now, there are no Walmart stores in Fayetteville, AR handling the Covid vaccine…the closest store on the list is in Springdale.

ANY good, positive news directed towards Walmart is beneficial and needed They’ve been taking jabs since back on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Walmart is the world’s largest corporation; they had $523 billion in revenue in 2019. They seem to have overcome their negative press.