Kudos to Matt and Scottie

The “best of Razorback players in MLB” threads have really opened up the baseball board to posters. Very interesting info resulting lots of participation by members on this board that was pretty inactive.

Anxiously awaiting the top 3.

  1. Lee
  2. Keuchel
  3. Ray

Has to be those three. Could go in any order. I would definitely have Lee as number 1.

I’m waiting for their top 10 NBA Hogs list :grin: That should be interesting. A lot more to choose from than our relatively short MLB list.

By the way, a little surprised Logan Forsythe didn’t get a nod. Not huge numbers but he’s had nine MLB seasons, including a key role with the Dodgers in the 2017 playoffs, and could get a 10th with the Phillies this year. Longevity should count for something here.

Looking forward to the top 10 tennis players.

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Forsythe was considered. Truth be told, had this list been 11 long and not 10, he would have been on it.

Hinske got a World Series ring. Benny got one too. Forsythe got to the Series but lost to the Astros and Keuchel. Lee lost to the Yankees in '09. Have any other of our guys won a title?

I think Dick Hughes won one with the Cards.


Lee was also on the Rangers’ team that lost to the Giants in the 2010 World Series. Craig Gentry was on that team and the 2011 Rangers, who lost to the Cardinals.

Totally off topic for this thread, but that was my favorite WS of all time.

Jalen Beeks received a World Series ring because he was called up to the Red Sox in 2018. He wasn’t on the World Series roster.

Matt Reynolds was on the Mets’ NLCS roster in 2015 but was scratched from the World Series roster the day of Game 1. The Mets lost to the Royals.

Tom Pagnozzi played in the 1987 World Series as a rookie. The Cardinals lost to the Twins.

Kevin McReynolds was on the Padres’ NLCS winner in 1984 but couldn’t play in the World Series because of a broken wrist. Tim Lollar was also on that team that lost to the Tigers.

Keli McGregor never played at Arkansas, but was an assistant AD under Frank Broyles. He was the Rockies’ president when they won the NLCS in 2007.

It’s definitely one of the best, although I hated the outcome because I really liked that Rangers team. When Arkansas lost Game 2 in Omaha to Oregon State a couple of years ago, I immediately thought back to Game 6 when the Rangers couldn’t close with two outs.

I think my favorite World Series was 2001 when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees. I watched Game 6 at the same time as Arkansas’ 7OT game at Ole Miss.

I also loved watching the 2016 and 2017 World Series, which both went to seven games.

My favorite postseason series to watch was probably the 2003 and 2004 ALCS between the Red Sox and Yankees.

I am a huge Cards fan. We were on a cruise, that left from Galveston, TX. I think myself and my son were the only two fans of the Cards on the ship. The only way to get the games was to go to this one sports bar on the ship. Each night we would go down and watch. Game 6. Wow. When it appeared the Rangers had it the crowd was going wild. When the Cards won, my son and I were screaming our heads off. I wondered for a few minutes if we were going to get out of there alive.

People in St Louis will always refer to that game as the “ David Freeze game.” :sunglasses:

And probably even spell his name correctly

F r e e s e. Darned spellcheck.

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Me too Matt because it was a catch that should be made 9 times out of 10

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