Kudos to JCP

I like the way she went about the search for the new coach and I like the hire. We’ll see how it works out.

Sounds like she had the table set! Good for her!

No sexist intent, want to head that off.

I agree. She deserves credit.

She has been unfairly raked over the coals about the way BB went out. In actuality, she was put in a difficult situation.

Indeed, she did a wonderful job.

SHE did a good job. I hope they keep her on the staff.

I imagine her handling of this situation is quite an addition to her resume. We may not keep her as she pursues the opportunity to lead an Athletic Department somewhere else.

There are a few that need to apologize - including some in my profession.

Of course, anybody who has problems with a strong woman problem has some self-esteem issues of his own.

Just saying.

I liked her from the start. She was put into a very difficult position and handled it about as well as possible. She is a very smart lady who is going to (is) do very well.

She will do well in future endeavors, whether at Arkansas or elsewhere. She deserves the credit she is getting.

Totally agree! She will be running her own AD soon.

She did a good job. I hope she stays here a while. Not sure what her position is now, but she deserves a promotion.

You actually heard criticisms of her because she was a woman? Guess I’m not surprised, but criticisms related to her inexperience and/or some of here presser remarks were mostly what I heard.

Agreed. She did a wonderful job in some very difficult and high pressure circumstances. She’s going to make a great AD for someone in the near future. Hope we can keep her here in the meantime.
That being said I was so disappointed in some of the comments I heard and read that were directed towards her as well as the veiled insinuations that she was not capable of handling a job as big as hiring a football coach…simply because she was a woman. We’ve come so far, but we’ve still got a long, long way to go.

I have to admit, I did not detect any of that.

The very first tweet/post I saw about her was from a reporter and it was about her hair being in her face. Seriously.

yes, I did see that. thought it was inappropriate…maybe that was a veiled insinuation.