Kudos to DBU

Tough team. I actually think I would like one of their hats. Me and my son’s first names begin with “D”.

They’re good. Made us work for it.

A fine team. Their coach has done a fine job.

Their leadoff hitter had quite a weekend. Probably deserves the MVP even though his team lost.

Got my Master’s degree from DBU. It’s a good school, has some beautiful buildings on campus, and has a great baseball program. I was kinda sorry we had to beat them tonight…not! WPS!

They were much more difficult to beat than I expected. I expected us to score 6-8 runs if not more. Reindl was great. Well, he was effective, but he’s pitched better.

Campbell continues to be an enigma. It’s hard to understand how he can be so good & then be so awful. We were really fortunate to have gotten out of that inning with only 1 run given up.

I expected us to have their hats on a platter. While that may not have happened, we did submerse their CWS dreams.

You notice that Van Horn had Reindl at this elbow and at the ready. He may have suspected Campbell was going to blow a tire. I wonder if Campbell is dinged up - a nagging injury compounding his recent return from major injury.