KU basketball domino about to fall?


Report: Expectation NCAA gives Kansas notice https://es.pn/2V6qz8K
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Isaac McBride just announced he is leaving KU on Twitter. Not a good fit for him.

Hmm, we have a few know-it-alls who were absolutely 100% lead-lock-cinch convinced no “blue blood” would get hammered for information uncovered in the FBI investigation. But I strongly suspect they will not surface for their well deserved meal of crow au gratin :roll_eyes: LMHF isn’t going to be seen for a while

See, if the FBI does your work for you, it doesn’t take too much to take that information and run with it, even if there are a bunch of wannabe Clouseaus in Indianapolis.

I still don’t think they’ll get hammered.

Would be very happy if they do, but I bet their punishment won’t fit the crime

NCAA doesn’t hand out notices of allegations unless they already have the goods. This ain’t saying we think you might have done this.

I didn’t say they’re innocent, I said I bet the punishment is a proverbial hand slap

The definition of a hand slap depends on which team’s colors you wear. Ole Miss football got hit pretty hard by recent NCAA standards yet this board has been whining for years about how they got off scot-free. But if we got the same penalty we’ve be screaming that we were unfairly hammered. This is a Level 1 violation. Arizona and LSU and a few others are looking at the same thing. NC State has already gotten hit for their part in the Adidas mess.