KU apparently reaching out to the Big Ten

This guy follows the Kansas program.

Dominoes starting to fall.

They are very glad Long is no longer at the helm.

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Long gone….

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acadmically and geographically they fit, not KState; ditto Ou and oSwho being a pair on since only one is desirable

Kansas and Iowa State are both members of the Association of American Universities, which used to be a Big Ten requirement until Nebraska got kicked out of the AAU for insufficient research activity on the Lincoln campus.

Meanwhile Andy Staples at The Athletic is proposing that the Big Ten grab six Pac-12 members for its own megaconference.

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I was hearing yesterday that both KU and OK ST would be applying to BIG 10 though I would think Iowa State would be a better fit than O State.

I would agree. Okie Lite is not well regarded academically. Their US News ranking is even lower than ours, and ours ain’t great. ISU is in the AAU, as is Kansas, and is ranked #118 by US News, considerably higher than OSU’s #187 (we’re #160).

The lowest ranked school currently in the Big Ten is Nebraska at #133. KU, by the way, is #124.

Surprised that Missouri has not reached out to the Big10 again. They wanted Big10 over SEC when they decided to leave the Big12. Academically MO was a better fit in Big10 plus more of a basketball school over football.

Mizzou is tied with KU in US News at #124. But they’re both better than Nebraska. And Mizzou is in the AAU, which is apparently a big deal to the Big Ten.

I keep going back to something I read when TAM and Misery joined us. Somebody said the SEC doesn’t put exit penalties on its members, unlike what UT and OU are going to have to negotiate now with the Desperate Eight, because nobody is going to leave.

HOWEVER, given Texas’ history, they might make an exception for them.

I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if someone in Columbia has picked up the phone and called Kevin Warren, and we just don’t know it yet.

I was just wondering who is the highest ranked university that isn’t in the AAU. Surprised to find that Notre Dame (#19) isn’t. Neither is Georgetown.

Weak academics has been an Achilles Heel for West Virginia & Ok State, not that OU is an academic powerhouse. MO & aTm academics were a big draw to the SEC.

ut & aTm strength in academics is not so much due to the quality of their education but the fact that they accept only the top 6% of a very large Texas HS student population. The community colleges here would be top ranked too if accepted only top performing grads. Have not looked at change in Arkansas rankings but assume we have improved over the past decade thru UofA offering scholarship breaks to high achieving out of staters based on their grades & SAT/ACT. Walton Business remains well recognized & a strong academic draw to Texas students.

I think we’ve bounced around some in US News. Seems like we were in the low three digits at one point, maybe even as high as Iowa State is now, but have slipped recently. USN used to do a “top tier”, which we were in maybe 10-12 years ago, but they no longer do that. I’m thinking top tier was top 150.

OU is tied with Nebraska at #133 in USN, by the way.

I don’t see Misery bailing. Too much money to be made in the SEC.

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Well the one conference that can offer that much money is the Big Ten. If they’re that hellbent on staying away from Texas, they might consider it. I don’t think they will either but its conceivable.

The ACC is in a bad spot. They’re locked down until like 2036 in an inferior media rights deal and need to do something about that, but who are they going to lure other than WVU? I don’t think the 'Eers would be enough to get ESPN to renegotiate.

Can’t disagree.

I think this opens a bidding war for Notre Dame between the Big 10 and the ACC.

Not sure how much bidding there will be. ND is already under contractual obligation to ACC, which it is in for everything but football and ice hockey. If ND joins a league for football, it has to be the ACC. Can they get out of that agreement? Sure. But they have a lot of reasons to stay right where they are. ND people love being independent even if it might cost them some money, and they have plenty of money as it is ($165 million athletic budget in 2020, which is $25 million more than Florida, for instance, and $40 million more than ours).

But the ACC doesn’t have much to offer, either. They’re in a pretty crappy deal with ESPN that lasts another 15 years. ESPN would probably reopen it if ND comes on board, but that’s not a given.

Too bad we can’t negotiate with the Big 10 and get them to take MO and we get OSU, i.e, force MO out. I never thought they were a good fit in the SEC, geographically or culturally. Having lived in Columbia for a short time, left as soon as possible, it is most definitely more suited to be “up north”.

I don’t see MU leaving the SEC, but agree it’s more plausible than anyone else doing it.

At some point ND almost has to join a conference. The Big 10 makes the most geographic sense. But I can see the new power conferences leaving ND behind. It could limit the playoffs to teams in the new super conferences, for instance. It could have its own basketball tournament & baseball tournament. They could mandate 10 league games per season, leaving only 2 non-conf games per year. That could make it hard for ND to create a schedule.

ND’s deal with the ACC gives them five games a year. They want to play Stanford, USC and Navy on an ongoing basis. And they can fill in around those eight games with schools like us.

They’re not going to freeze ND out of the playoffs. That just ain’t gonna happen. Particularly with 12 teams.

I understand they’re fine as things stand now, but I’m not so sure that’ll be the case down the road when other changes go into effect.