KU - "17 of 35" 3 Pointers -- The game has changed

I’m afraid this is partly the Steph Curry effect, but the game has really changed the last few years. Now it seems like everyone is in the mood to shoot 3’s…and a lot of them. Interestingly, our Hogs were #293 last week in jacking up 3’s, yet led the SEC at #13 nationally in 3pt field goal percent.

No doubt about it. I play a lot of ball with kids at my local community center. Kids these days are terrific shooters. They have range I could only dream of. Unfortunately, that is all too many of them want to do. I’ll get a rebound and expect to see someone cutting to the basket. Instead I look up and see 3 kids spotting up behind the arc. As for our Hogs, could it be that Mike Anderson is channeling a coach from our past not named Nolan Richardson? Eddie Sutton may have coached us in a different era with different rules, but the key to his team’s high shooting % was good shot selection. I think Mike is really preaching that with this team. Make the extra pass and get a better look at the basket.