KState with nice win at Wichita State

Kenpom had them as 68% chance of a loss but came back to win. That Kstate win could be another good win for us when tournament selection time comes.


K-State’s best player didn’t play as well. Hopefully, K-State will do well in Big 12 play and our win over them will be better than expected

I’m looking forward to the OU game next weekend! K State can help but the hogs need to take care of business with the games in front of them.
The Bama game for our hogs will be huge also.

WSU had a pretty good resume going, at their place too. Big win for KSU.

Yeah, but that is a road game, so a loss won’t hurt us as long as it’s a pretty close game. A win in that game would certainly move us up in the rankings. Just about any SEC road game is a good win. The KY game is huge because it’s a home game for us. We really need that win.

The Hogs will need several road wins to move the needle. Our Non conference schedule has been weak at best.

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