Is the least likely looking good player I can remember in college hoops.

Surprised if Moser doesn’t get a big 10 job after this year.

He’s a stud.

Love his old school game.

Also Porter is not only a great coach, but a great dude.

UALR can’t keep them, but they have hired some great coaches.

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He will have offers! He could end up at Texas when they fire Shaka Smart!

Texas just won the Big 12 conference tournament. Shaka is safe one more year, I think. He just does enough each season to keep going. And he keeps getting recruits. One thing that is not in his favor is a couple of boosters. But they didn’t want him in the first place, so everyone just ignores them.

If I was Porter, I would stay put at Loyola. Being in Chicago, he does not have to travel much for recruits, he will always land the best recruits in his conference, win the conference and make the dance. He goes to a P6 school, he will have to battle other schools for recruits and there as many good coaches in P6 conferences.

Yes they have.

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