Korliss Marshall arrested

Sad, but not surprised. Korliss has to start listening.

http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2018 … re-pound-/

Doesn’t allow to read, Richard. It just goes to a coupon to subscribe and when click close, it changes screens. It keeps repeating that everytime you try to open.

Here we go again, another genius calling attention to a vehicle that is carrying contraband. This never ceases to amaze me. I of course, do not carry illegal contraband in my car or anywhere else. If I did however, I would observe all laws of the road, and set my cruise control about 2 mph below the speed limit. The Marshall plan however, does not appear to be very well thought out.

The Marshall plan, that’s a good one ! WPS

This is so sad. Who knows what goes through youngsters minds? He’s on a path of destruction. I pray that somehow, someway he sees the light.

Hopefully Korliss turns his life around.

Agree. I hope he does. I’m not optimistic because he’s very hard headed which is why he bounced around in college.

Three Running Backs coming out of high school in 2013. Alex Collins, Korliss Marshall and Altee Tenpenny. One made good decisions and is enjoying a very good life right now. One made horrendous decisions and is no longer with us. The third will never earn a living playing football. That does not mean he can’t live a productive and rewarding life. He does need a new plan, and it needs to be outside the illegal economy. I pray that he starts by getting on his knees and humbling himself before his God and his savior.

I know it’s not exactly the same

But God let me survive some really stupid mistakes in College

I hope he can grow past this

Yes as another poster intoned

He needs a Marshall Plan

Wish him the best

The plan keeps escalating toward getting caught with larger and larger amounts of pot… the plan should include travel to Colorado at some point.

So many have tried to get his attention. Unless he takes a different course this won’t end well.

such a complete waste of unreal God given ability!! makes you want to puke to see somebody like that waste everything and then watch other players have to work their butt off just to try to play…