Kopps' streak

If you give up a leadoff homer in the seventh, then get the next 12 outs without a run (innings 7, 8, 9 and 10), that is four scoreless innings for this purpose. Just as getting the last out in the ninth after allowing a run is one-third of a scoreless inning

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Thanks SwineF, I’m really learning a lot as a result of being part of this chat.

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Starters have a much easier time building up innings. A relief pitcher gets one out and that is not an inning.

If my memory serves, I believe Walling pitched in the Yankees system and made it to AAA, but not the majors. Now I’m going to go look it up and see how wrong I was!!

Nailed it!

I just started watching Razorback baseball on espn and I think i need to stop watching - seems like a curse. They are obviously a great hitting team, but I’ve never seen so many strike outs - don’t know what to do.

Sometimes good pitching trumps good hitting. Then sometimes the pitchers leave it in the middle of the plate or miss their spot in a hitter’s sweet spot and it goes a long way.

Kopps pitched 7 1/3 innings this weekend to extend his scoreless streak to 21 2/3 innings.

Another 7 1/3 and he ties Walling.

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