Kopps' streak

Has Kopps set some type of record with his scoreless innings journey?

UA media guide doesn’t list any records for consecutive scoreless innings or scoreless appearances that I can find.

Thanks SwineF, seems like a glaring oversight, he’s not at Don Drysdale proportions, but it seems significant what this young fellow is doing.

Problem is, if you don’t know what the record is now, it would be darn near impossible to go back and research. I guess you could list Kopps as the post-pandemic record and go from there.

Yes, at least start from this season forward.

Related note: UA’s All time ERA best (minimum 45 innings) is 0.95 set by Phillip Stidham in 1990.

I think the TV guys said Kopps is currently at 0.7.

Btw, Kopps gave up a HR against A&M so his scoreless inning streak isn’t that long right now.

Your right S.P., i was thinking it was 14.1, but the homerun appears to have occurred in the 7th;so, that brings him down to 12.1, still impressive. it was interesting in comparing his stuff in his two appears with LSU, he was unhittable in his first outing, but his ball wasn’t moving as much in the second one but still they couldn’t score a run on him.

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some good streaks of scoreless by starting pitchers that got into high teens. Only would take three or so games.

Probably so, but maybe Kopps is nearing some kind of mark for scoreless innings in relief. If anyone could research that.

I think he had a scoreless streak reach 19 2/3 innings earlier this year.

Kopps’ ERA right now is 0.85, which is the lowest in the NCAA, based on minimum innings thrown (I’m not sure what that minimum is).

His SEC-only ERA is 0.55.

I am pretty sure that Stidham had some stretches as a junior that were quite long. But I am not going to be able to find those box scores.

Your correct, I saw it on the Media Guide several days ago and it’s either 28.5 or 29.5.scoreless innings which is the record.

The program record for consecutive scoreless innings pitched is 29 by David Walling in 1998.

I believe Walling was a starter but that may be wrong. KK has a long way to go to get there.

I think he is at 12.0 scoreless innings? he does have a long way to go.

Kopps’ current streak is 14 1/3 innings. The last run he allowed was to lead off the seventh inning against Texas A&M. He pitched four innings after that, then five innings at South Carolina and 5 1/3 innings at LSU.

Yes, Walling was a starter.

Not to quibble Matt, but didn’t Kopps pitch three scoreless innings after the homerun off of him in the seventh as he pitched the 7th through the 10th?