Kopps still leads the nation in ERA

Big shock huh, since it keeps going down? Five ER in 56.1 innings.

We’re third in homers (Mercer has 87, ODU has 84, we have 83). I don’t think Mercer is going to play too many more games, but ODU might. Auburn is actually right behind us for the SEC lead with 81, but they’re not going to play much longer either.

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Arkansas has hit 89 home runs. The NCAA stat page hasn’t updated since before the last series.

Kopps has pitched 60 1/3 innings, so his ERA is down to 0.75.

Even better.

The Mercer website says they’re at 89. ODU is at 88. Auburn is at 85. So we’re tied for the lead.

Mercer has six players with double digit dingers, to our five. ODU has three, but their leader has 17.

We have six regulars with OPS over .900. Plus Welch who is freaking off the chart at 1.417. Franklin leads the mortals at .995.

Oops. Wake Forest went homer crazy over the weekend and leads with 91. But Wake’s season is over; the Deacs didn’t even make the ACC tournament.

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