Kopps postgame - cutter technique

Kyle Peterson and Dari of the SEC Network did a postgame interview of Kopps. Can’t find a link (yet).

Interesting to hear Peterson’s lead-in comparing Mariano Rivera’s cutter to Kopps’ version. Peterson remarked he can’t think of anyone who throws the cutter quite like Kopps. His take batters haven’t ever seen anything like it and don’t know how to handle it.

Kopps actually described how he throws the cutter and the sidespin “gyro” effect. Kopps stated he threw only cutters last night v. Vandy and the fastball is his “show” pitch. Ie. he can throw the fastball just to show batters he can throw one. As I recall he can throw the fastball and with some movement in the low 90s so it’s respectable ‘if’ he needs it.

Interesting stuff.

Kopps is a really good athlete with a strong work ethic. That pitch is so devastating I’m wondering when the wanna-be clone pitchers emerge?

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