Kopps needs to take over 3rd Starter

He needs to get his act together and start to control that. The only problem with he and Ramage is they both like to throw that 12 to 6 breaker and leave it up in the zone and is too easily hit… I like bolden but he’s one of those guys that’s in the zone a lot and doesn’t have the power to blow it by you so they are going to hit him. Adams has a lot of potential but right now everything is in the middle of the plate.
This is something that has to get worked out very quickly because SEC play starts in a couple of weeks.

I don’t care who becomes the third starter, as long as someone does.

I agree but of all the options, I think he has the most dominant stuff when he’s on, time will tell very quickly. But every team is kind of in that same situation, maybe a whole staff type thing and with our offense we may have to outscore teams on Sundays

In my opinion Kopps is more valuable out of the bullpen because he can pitch a couple of times on the weekend. He typically is really good once through the order. I get the sense that Caleb Bolden might be trending toward becoming the third starter.

We’ll probably find out in about an hour who Van Horn plans to start vs. Baylor.

Or he may say TBA. I think it will be all of those guys on Sundays for a bit. Bolden is going to get better and better, so I think that’s the guy. And, I am like Matt, believe that Kopps will pitch on Friday and Sunday for the most part.

I heard Ramage will start Sunday and if he can throw stikes and not
hang that big Breaking ball he can be effective,Baylor is in the same shape we are so we will see.

The good news is that the Razorback bullpen is deep and Johnny Wholestaff is a good pitcher.


What Clay and Matt said. Lot of Depth from the Bullpen provided by Kopps.

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