Kopps last pitch

to great year and as a Razorback was game winning HR at BWS in the Supers.

He didn’t deserve that, but deserved better from our batters.

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Something he’ll be remembered for unfortunately… not a dominant performance but the only hope this team had with a significant lack of quality pitching. He deserved better for sure…

Never should have happened. I thought it was bad when he sent him back out. The unthinkable happened and Kopps has to deal with that for a long long time. He deserved better than that.

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Kopps should be remembered as the outstanding pitcher he is. Without him, we clearly would not of had the success we had this year. Unbelieveable heart and spirit. So very, very proud he was part of our team this year! He made two mistakes today out of 118 pitches – enough said.

Our hitting (or lack thereof) the past two games was horrible. What an incredibly poor effort. Seemed like we really got caught up in trying to hit the long ball. A lot of overswinging going on (eg., Slavens could barely keep his shoes on, he was swinging so hard).

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He did an outstanding job. They were the better team. Better offense and more pitching depth. Poorly coached 2 games.

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I agree. Hitting was the biggest issue and pitching substitutions was a close 2nd.

I agree on over swinging , home run to win or bust and last 2 games it busted.

Next year will be critical. for DVH and the Ark. program. Younger coaches coming into the SEC are going to push his ability to develop pitchers and create a more dynamic offensive system.

I doubt anyone will remember Kopps for that pitch. He gave up 3 runs in what should have been a win. It was something like his 110th pitch after throwing about 30 last night.

We all know we pulled Lockhart too soon & didn’t insert Kopps instead last night. Tonight we know we left Kopps in one pitch too long. We always know what we should have done when what we did doesn’t work. Always. We never make bad decisions after the fact. Never.


Damn folks. It wasn’t a bad pitch. Y’all act like he served up some meat pitch. It was a tad high for a low pitch, but the NC State batter went down and golfed it out with the backspin that shot it it out of the park. It wasn’t that bad of a pitch.

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Agree on the bad coaching. It looked like dvh wanted it to be Kopps last game ever. You don’t do that to a pitcher that will be needed often in Omaha. I mean did we seriously expect to do that again every elimination game from here on out? I mean if we don’t have more pitching than wick and Kopps then there was never a real chance of winning in Omaha and DVh coached like that’s how he felt. Freaking sad, 118 pitches and got us to a tie game in the 9th with a large stable of fresh arms to get us through the 9th and extras. Or not. Kopps 118th pitch better than every other pitchers first pitch of the night??? Me and dvh just gonna have to disagree on this one. And about the ‘it wasn’t a bad pitch’ argument - sure and it might have got us an out in the first inning, maybe. But they had seen that pitch 118 times already and then they got a fatigued version of it to tee up in a swing for the fences nothing to lose tie game in the ninth situation. This is exactly why you need your freshest strongest best and something different from what they’ve seen all day arm in a 9th inning close or win situation!! Kopps was the man for that, not for starting. Oh well I guess it was bound to happen in Omaha if not sooner once DVh completely changed his coaching philosophy in the postseason from what got us to number one and regular season championship. Seems like the pressure got to DVH after all he’s the one that’s been close and failed more than anyone else on the team. I need him to take some responsibility for this and give us confidence about a new approach for the future to get over the hump Like maybe don’t let the whole freaking season ride on one dude night after night. That’s not something an overall one seed does, maybe if you are underdog facing a one seed that’s Busch league

I tend to agree, i would have appreciated some development of the rest of staff and settled with a Top 8 desperate team…in the end, i dont care about a #1 or SEC champs.

This was my Daughters senior year she graduated and we are moving her our in July, i was hoping for the magical year for her.

I also am not going to critique the team as professionals

Woo Pig

I’m astounded by people calling it bad coaching—and I bet by people who never coached at anything higher than little league. Every decision carries risk. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. We gave up 3 runs. A team should win if it only allows 3 runs. This is baseball. The other team has athletes, too. They can pitch and hit, too. Tonight they did it better than we did. One run over the course of 9 innings better

It’s one thing to be disappointed and upset. Lord knows I am. But this has all the look of taking out our disappointment on someone else. Just lashing out in anger. It’s unfair to the team and the coach. They deserve better fans.


Throughout the rest of the season, we could have easily lost several other weekend series in which we had a 2-1 record and it would not have made as much difference as the one that we lost. I guess that someone could surmise that the other teams just choked in those earlier close games and/or that their coaches just made poor decisions that cost them the games. Or was it our brilliant coaching was better than theirs except (as earlier asserted) for the last two games? Perhaps the correct answer is that we have one of the best (if not the best) coaches in college baseball and that he makes the best decisions that he can at the time, that our team did great throughout the year and just had a slight slump at a bad time, and that maybe we should just revel in the memories of a really great season by a really wonderful team with a fabulous coaching staff. For me, it was a fun ride, and I’m not going to find fault with any who provided it for me. Life is too short to dwell on a few losses rather than revel in the many wonderful wins.

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Nobody pitches 150 pitches in two days. Nobody. Not major league hall of fame. Not a college closer that hasn’t ever pitched 115 pitches Ever let alone been in the starting rotation for all those series we WON . Not Nolan Ryan. nobody. This wasn’t rolling the dice. This was rolling like a thousand sided dice with one side that said Kopps pitches 150 pitches in two days and we win. This was a bad decision. This shouldn’t even be a question. They say hindsight is 20 20 right? That’s a hundred percent no question. DVH made that decision. Nobody else. That game had a totally different feel from the beginning, Bc of the coaching strategy 180 from EVERY OTHER SERIES we won. This game felt different. It was a high pressure feeling from the first pitch and surprise our bats had a different feeling to that game too. It’s not on the Kopps or any of the players that brought the same winning approach as all year. This is on coach. This shouldn’t be a debate. This is a case closed gut wrenching mistake that’s already at the top of the list in hog lore heartaches. Just give us a fresh arm with a tie game in the ninth instead of the most fatigued arm we’ve thrown in a game all year long ughh

2018=Carson Shaddy

IDK about the kids but the coaches get paid millions to make these gut wrenching decisions every single hog fan has to relive and retell and regret For the rest of our lives. This ain’t about his feelings. We aren’t paying him those millions for his feelings. We are paying him for the fans feelings. And we will keep paying him Bc he’s a good coach. And we will keep talking about this one for a very long time, at least until he wins one :point_up:
That’s the thing about sports. No matter how good of accomplishments you have in a year, unless you win the whole enchilada your only reward is disappointment.

I fully agree with this. If our anemic offense had produced 5 or 6 runs as they should have, we’d be packing for Omaha and Kevin would still be undefeated. Giving up 3 runs in 8 innings of Championship level ball is a GOOD outing where I come from. It’s just not by Kevin Kopps’ standards, which have spoiled us.

This loss was not on Kopps, though I know he feels that it was. And that’s the tragic thing about it. After ALL he’s done for this team this year, to have it end that way.

Good news is that he’s young (maybe not relative to his teammates…but in general) and will undoubtedly have a very successful career regardless of what field he choses. He’ll get past this and remember the great times…and there were many.


Baseball is a game of thousands of decisions and primarily player failures. A batter is considered great if he can get a hit 30% of the time he gets up to bat. The great ones fail 70% of the time.

It’s also a game of inches (well actually millimeters). A high pop up would be a home run if it hit the bat a few millimeters lower. It can be an exasperating game to play, coach, or watch.

If the best talent and coaching always won championships, Steinbrenner would have won championships at the rate Saban has won national championships at Bama. Yes, he won lots of them, but virtually every year he had the best talent. And it should be easier to win championships in MLB than in football because you play best of 5 and 7 game series to get to get to the world series where you play another best of 7 game series.

You’ve had a great overall year if you’ve won the championship of the best college baseball conference in the country, as well as their season ending tournament.

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We pay him to be coach; we don’t pay him to be perfect. And even if he were perfect and made the right decision all the thousands of times he has to make them, that doesn’t mean every player will always execute perfectly. If you think paying him what we pay him should make him perfect, you can bet no coach is worth his pay. None. Fans should expect competence. Fans should desire excellence. We are getting excellence. You’d probably be happier if you stopped following Razorback baseball. Your minimum standards are impossible to meet. You can jump back on the bandwagon if we win a natty.

If you want to wallow in misery and blame DVH for it, you badly need to rethink, but it’s your life


Nolan Ryan 235 pitches for California Angels in one game in 1974.

Official MLB record, since pitch counts weren’t tabulated before 1988, is Tim Wakefield’s 172.

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