Kopps is Sullivan Award finalist

For the outstanding U.S. amateur athlete. Hard for a non-Olympian to win in an Olympic year, but he has a shot. The other four finalists were all Olympians. (Maddie Musselman is a water polo star and not related to Muss AFAIK; her dad was an MLB pitcher for the Jays and Mets and now works for Scott Boras).


wow, the nomination is simply amazing all by itself

I am not discounting what the other athletes accomplished but based on the dominance I saw by Kopps on the mound and Dressel in the pool, I think they have to finish 1 & 2.

My vote is for Kopps! (of course)

It’s worth noting that there have been years when two athletes have shared the award.

I don’t think a non-Olympian has won the award during a year with the summer Olympics. The only college baseball player to win it was Jim Abbott in 1987.

Also of note: Three SEC athletes among the five finalists. Dressel swam at Florida. Mu runs track for the Aggies, and Kopps.

That some outstanding athletes to keep company with.

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