Kopps is SEC pitcher of the week

Well deserved.

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Certainly worthy of that honor. Just once though, like maybe this week, I would love to win game one in a route and not have to even start warming KK up. What a luxury that would be!


Me, too. Especially since this is a short week. After throwing around 120 or so pitches last weekend, I’d like to see him rest Thursday. Besides, my heart really needs an easy win.


Funny thing is, when I saw the “headline” of the post, I was going to (as a joke) ask who he was “co-” with as they always seem to do that. Then a click on the post and he was “co-”

Is the “co” thing an announced policy? (And I haven’t paid enough attention to know if they always do that, it just seems like they do)


Most of the winners are co-winners. There were co-players of the week this week, not to mention a freshman of the week and a newcomer of the week.

It’s a way for the SEC to spread positive PR to several programs.

I get that.

With 14 teams, there are often plenty of good candidates. I guess it’s ok. It bothers some. I figure that’s the way of the world. Share and be nice.

Seems we’ve shared more often than others. I saw this elsewhere.

SEC Pitchers of the Week, 2021
Week 01: Landon Sims (MS) / Caleb Bolden (AR)
Week 02: Trace Bright (Au)
Week 03: Bryce Miller (A&M)
Week 04: Kumar Rocker (V)
Week 05: Jack Leiter (V)
Week 06: Jack Leiter (V) / Sean Hunley (TN)
Week 07: Christian MacLeod (MS)
Week 08: Jonathan Cannon (GA)
Week 09: Doug Nikhazy (OM)
Week 10: Kevin Kopps (AR) / Kumar Rocker (V)
Week 11: Gunnar Hoglund (OM)
Week 12: Christian MacLeod (MS)
Week 13: Brett Kerry (SC) / Kevin Kopps (AR)

Good catch. Still, happy for Kopps.

My TN friend was so happy they actually scored a run on Kopps.

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Two wins this week, on the road, against a top 5 team. Did anyone else do that his week, or even this year?

Mizz did it to Mississippi St.

Mizz had the same pitcher win two games this past weekend? He’s talking about pitchers, not teams.

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Oh ok, my fault.

Kopps will probably win the national award if he has been “co” in the SEC…

At Alabama they’d already made him guvna.

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True, true, true.

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