Kopps effect going forward

I think this incredible year by Kevin will impact the program from now on. The young players on this team got to watch a PRO every single day, how he went about his business, how he conducted himself off the field. Kevin legacy will now be a standard for future razorback players,it will be a trickle down effect passed on from this year’s team to incoming players and then will be passed onto future players.

When you’re around greatness like that it can have a tremendous impact on recruiting and set a standard for daily excellence that can hopefully make this already Great Program even GREATER…


I think the players before him like Campbell and Knight worked the same way.

Wes Johnson told me (and Hobbs, too) that Jorn instilled work ethic. It just rolls over year after year.

That’s pretty much the way Van Horn expects. It’s a pro mentality.

You go back as far as you want and that’s the way Arkansas baseball has been.


That’s very true but I don’t ever remember a player that was talked about and had such National Admiration as Kopps.He was on every broadcast when college Baseball was talked about TV and Radio… it was Great publicity for our Program.

There have been a lot of big leaguers and still are from Dave’s program. It’s all good.

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