Kopps = Charlie Boyce

Obviously Kopps is better, but both have now had just crazy Fayetteville Regional performances.

I just hope he doesn’t = the one armed man in The Fugitive. His pitching arm could fall off any day now.

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Yeah, I hate the usage of Kopps. Like Boyce before, he is not likely headed to a lengthy pro career. While he is god-like in NCAA he is not likely to be as successful in the bigs. He may realize that somewhere deep inside.


Kopps threw 185 pitches in the regional.

Boyce threw 203 in the 2004 Fayetteville Regional.

Crazy numbers.

I don’t know a thing about pitching and arms but I’ve heard several pundits talk about how Kopps can throw a bunch because he isn’t putting a lot of pressure on his arm because he doesn’t throw a lot of fastballs. Any truth to this people who know about this kinda stuff?

Strange thing about Kopps is he said he never gets sore,he’s a freak! that guy from Neb couldn’t come back tonight,why they used all those other guys…Kopps is one of Kind.closest I’ve ever seen to Rivera

Fwiw, I have two customers in Omaha, both played D1 college baseball and they both brought up that pitch count. Who knows, I hope he does have the rubber arm but either way without KK we aren’t advancing nor do we have anywhere close to 50 wins.
Strange how the universe aligned with Casey and Kevin coming back due to Covid


We’ve played 60 games, he’s pitched in more than half of them, we’re two wins from Omaha, and his arm isn’t tired at all. Probably not going to get tired at this point. His stuff just kept getting better and better tonight as the innings went by.

We played five games in the Fayetteville regional in 2004, compared to four this year. And if I recall correctly, Boyce went big innings in two consecutive games.

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Yes. And Gene Stephenson had a fit.


I read recently where a couple of Doctors talked about Tommy John Surgery and they said that surgery has been so perfected, that in many cases now, the arm comes back even stronger than before the injury. They mentioned it’s usually a 2 year process before total healing. This was, especially if the surgery was performed fairly early in the player’s career. This must be the case with Kopps.

I’m not sure Kevin wouldn’t make a really good MLB starter if given a chance. After throwing all those pitches this week-end, he was still throwing that cutter/slider/whatever it is, 85-88 mph in the 8th and 9th inning. He also could be a great MLB closer. I’ll leave that up to the MLB pros. I just hope he gets a chance to show his amazing stuff.


I initially had big concerns about how we were using him and was thinking there was a potential for his arm to give out on him but hearing him talk I really no longer feel that way.
The guy is just not normal,no other way to say it,we are witnessing something we may never see again,enjoy it while we can,he’s almost a 1 man bullpen,long relief,set up man and closer…unbelieveable!


Andrew Hutchinson (I believe) asked DVH a question in the post game presser about the comparison between Kopps and Boyce.

Coach said he’s thought about the comparison “a lot”. He said when Kopps came to campus, he reminded him of Boyce… both right handers and really smart… so he gave Kopps Boyce’s old number (45).

The rest, as they say, is history.

The way this season is going, I’d be surprised if Coach (or any future coach) gives #45 to any future Razorback. It might not be available.

(I had several conversations with Kopps’ dad last week in Hoover. Kevin’s degree is in biochemical engineering… so, yes, he’s smart. When I asked what plans he has for that degree, he said, “Initially he planned to go to medical school. Now, he’s not sure.”). Perhaps he has a few more “cutters” to throw before getting a “real job”?


The thing I’ve noticed is that he throws every day. And his legs are strong. I believe the legs are the key. When the legs tire, the arm follows. I don’t think his legs tire and he just keeps going.


I looked up the schedule. We beat WSU twice on Sunday, including TOOOOOOOPS. I think Boyce went big innings in both games, leading to Mean Gene’s tantrum.

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Good point Swine. I am not a physician, but I do have some knowledge of tendons and ligaments and such, and I would suspect that while Kopps does pitch ALOT, its not like he has to make it through a 161 game season, then a post season. The cumulative effect is not as severe as in pro bill. That, plus what others are mentioning about Klopps’ biomechanics, might be why DVH feels ok about throwing him so much.

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I remember that tantrum. The guy was just pissed that we used a good pitcher to beat him. His “arm health” was a very transparent excuse. It was easy to hate Wichita St after that. And who can ever forget the Brady Toops GS in the top of the 9th (we were visitors that day) to beat them when it appeared we were certain to lose.

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Yep, Kopps is a workout freak, and when they post the highest vertical jumps in their weekly session, he is usually #1 at the top. He has a 40”+ vertical, he’s just machine.

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I had a dear friend (not a close friend, but a dear man) who was from Wichita and a big Shockers fan. He was in Fayetteville for that regional along with his daughter. He used to take me to Shocker games when I was in Wichita for dog shows.
I remember staying with him and his wife, listening to a game on their radio. It was right after Stephenson had purportedly had his pitcher (during a warm up) hit an opposition player in the on deck circle. IIRC, the kid was hurt pretty badly. Gregg was NOT OK with that.

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