Kopps and Wick

They’ve been marvelous; and wonderful stories this season.

They can’t pitch every game, can they?

'cause the rest of the pitching staff is average as grits. How did we get here?

Yes I am so proud of those 2 guys because they have overcome so much.
It really is amazing we played as well as we have considering we only have 3 or 4 pitchers that we really have any clue what they’re going to do. Everybody else is pretty much in the same boat though and this is as gritty a team as you will ever see they will not quit and they will make you pay for pretty much every mistake you make. I don’t know if we can hold off Mississippi State and win division or not because they have a much easier schedule left than we do but I am so proud of this team for what that accomplished so far hopefully they can continue to play well in postseason

Had 1 starter (Noland) get injured and obviously still trying to get his command back.
Other new pitchers still developing
Few other experienced pitchers regressed or struggling for whatever reasons.
Maybe just maybe DVH has a pleasant surprise or 2 later.

Vermillion was supposed to be a starter, too. He was more highly regarded - and I absolutely hate that over used phrase - than Noland.

The whole pitching staff is important.
There are a few guys on the staff I wonder why we haven’t seen them much. Like Cole Ramage, Trest, and Wiggins. There’s a few more. Blake Adams hasn’t pitched in a while either.
Monke has pitched well and provided help as well as Bolden. It’s. It just Wicklander and Kopps.

Ramage has struggled when he has pitched

I wondered about Trest myself. Just seems to have disappeared.

Wiggins? Who knows. Got lit up in that Ole Miss game. But he pitched okay in a short stint after that.

I really wished we would have let wiggins start these midweek games instead of Ramage/Bolden in hopes he would get sharp enough to take 3rd starter role but the time or 2 we did use him he wasnt sharp so we are kind of afraid to put him in tight situations,but got to pitch to stay sharp maybe he can go agsinst Ark state

I don’t think DVH is thinking of Wiggins as a starter at this point. Come in and throw heat for an inning or two, if he can keep it off their barrels. No idea about Trest.

My brother calls Ramage “Damage”, as in the other team’s hitters are about to do some damage when he comes in. He also wants Kopps to start and Monke to pitch late. But then his last baseball experience was as a left-handed catcher in Babe Ruth (I remember we had a heckuva time finding him a lefty catcher’s mitt).

Can you imagine what we would have with a true ace, probably number one in the country?


He mentioned today they were lengthening his arm out and may be in Rotation Sunday.Hopefully we can catch lightening in a bottle with him and he can look like he did in Arlington.

We have a true ace now in Wicklander. 1.85 ERA one of the best in the nation… 1.63 in SEC play, very proud of him but we need him to stay hot the rest of the season for us to do well

Like Patrick Wicklander?

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Yeah, Wicklander’s ERA at this point of the season is lower than Blaine Knight’s and Isaiah Campbell’s were. He hasn’t had to pitch as many innings, but I think that’s an indication of the depth in this bullpen and the power of the offense. Those two starters were almost relied on to get to Cronin for closing.

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