Koolaid anyone?

I know it’s very early in the season, but is anyone starting to taste a wee bit of KoolAid?

Come back in May and we’ll see. Remember West Coast teams are expected to be ahead of Arkansas early in the season. Hogs didn’t get the hit they needed with the bases loaded. Happens in baseball. Great game.

I guess your talking about the baseball team. I know it’s early but you may be right.

He’ll, I thought we won yesterday. I must have missed the 30+ shutout innings the pitching staff strung together.

we are 3-3 against west coast teams and have scored 22 runs…LHP is wearing us out and we better get it figured out very quickly or Kentucky will take it to us.

Yes, against inferior competition…against good competition we’re not showing up in the clutch.

Oh…well darn. A shame the season is over so soon. I guess ill watch badminton or something

Inferior competition? It was the same USC team that beat us today. Three-game series tied at 1-1 going into Sunday’s finale.

I didn’t say the season was over. Only we have had squandered opportunities to win close games.

When you look in the other dugout and every one of them has a sun tan from long hours outside and it’s March 3, you know they have a slight advantage. I do think lefty pitching is the answer to this team’s string of lefty hitters. Shaddy, Bonfield and Koch have to get it done against the lefties. McFarland got jerked after bouncing into double play in big spot today.

I don’t worry about this team. The early-season games are meant to figure out who you can trust and you can’t.

I think Arkansas will have a good everyday lineup put together by the time SEC play begins. It could be that you see less platooning. And it also appears that Arkansas is going to need fewer runs to win this year than a year ago. With the exception of the San Diego game last week the pitching has been very good, including today.

Ill drink the koolaid with no caveats

Razoraid taste goood.