Kolian Jackson

Should get a look at quarterback back he played well there in high school

While a very good athlete, not sure he would be a successful one in college because of his arm.

Devion Warren was also a very good high school quarterback - as was Scoota Harris.

It wouldn’t hurt to try Kolian at this point I really like his upside at qb as well. IU actually offered him as a QB the other two you named, to my knowledge, were not offered as a QB at any school

You don’t just throw a guy out there like that though.

He wasn’t recruited as a qb for a reason by any of his major offers, he’s more valuable as a wr.

The reasons he wasn’t recruited to Arkansas as a quarterback has little to do with ability… he didn’t fit the offense and many other previous standards not cased

A lot of it had to do with ability. He doesn’t have the arm, much similar to Storey.

He’s an elite athlete, you don’t waste that.

He’s got to get completely healthy first - regardless of position