Looks lost at the plate. As soon as I say this he will do something good with the bat, but both of his at bats looked weak tonight and last night he batted cleanup and didn’t produce anything. I wonder if catching so much this year has taken its toll on him.

It’s real simple! He takes the first pitch every time!! Took the first to last time in Swung at a unhittable curveball! I personally think he’s very tired but no excuse for ever taken the first pitch down the middle of a plate much less two in a row!

Here’s his chance


He’s just lost right now, man was hoping for the break out there

Hogs definitely need him to get out of this slump. He does look lost. Another wasted opportunity.

Yes, he took another great first pitch for a strike. I hope he breaks out soon because he’s an iron man behind the plate. I know DVH must have thought dropping him lower in the order might take pressure off him. It hasn’t worked yet, but not giving up that it will.

Well, he gets yet another chance. Big at bat. Just one good swing.

Do you pinch hit for him if he comes up again? Will be interesting.

Who is our backup catcher?

Alex Gosser is his backup

Gosser needs to play tomorrow.

Gosser’s arm is hurt. That is why Koch has had no backup help.

Yes, Gosser has an arm injury. He can swing the bat but playing catcher is problematic. Carson Shaddy and Chad Spanberger are the emergency backups.

Well, that explains it. I was screaming at my TV for pinch hit for Koch; now I understand.

Tough situation for DVH. Koch looks like a caveman someone just handed a bat to and told to stand in the batter’s box right now. Clueless.

And, this from a player who was our best hitter the first half of the season. Hard to understand.

Koch’s slump is really hurting the Razorbacks. He comes up with men in scoring position and can’t make contact. Let me tell you exactly what is wrong with Koch. It’s his head. No, I don’t he has let the slump get into his head, although that may also be part of it. Watch his head when he hits. The really good hitters are looking down at the strike zone and watching the bat hit the ball. Koch’s head is not looking down into the strike zone. He pulls his head off consistently. You can’t hit a baseball if you can’t see it. Shaddy has a little of this problem this year. He generally takes a big swing on his first strike, pulling his head up and to the left. He focuses a bit better on his second and third strikes. Koch has just developed a big flaw in his approach at the plate. Until he figures it out and keeps his head down in the zone, he will not get better. I’m surprised that Vitello is not hammering him on this issue. If you want to see how this works, look up a highlight video of Benintendi. Stop the frames and move the frame dot one frame at a time. Vitello needs to show Koch a Benintendi highlight video. After all, he helped Benintendi improve vastly between his first and second year.