Koch is a pop up machine

Mercy, he’s in the tank right now. Just awful.

He is our RBI leader in SEC play.

Maybe so but he had been awful for 3-4 weeks. Awful.

well when you drop the back shoulder and step in the bucket like he does no way in the world you can’t pop it up…

I have no confidence in him right now…especially in big spots. Even less than Bonfield.

So do you bench Koch and Bonnie?

Both are sucking right now, Biggers isn’t far behind.

Pitching is the issue at the moment.
We again left pitches up and hung breaking balls. State’s starter went 97 and we went to the pen with bad results.

Our pitching will either take us to Omaha or crap the bed in the regional.,

As I recall Koch had an RBI in the Carolina series and I believe he also had one against Missouri State, so he hasn’t been awful for 3 or 4 weeks. He couldn’t be our SEC RBI leader and been awful for 3 or 4 weeks. I think you need to re-check the last month game stats!

If we bench Koch who are we going to play? Opitz cost us a run in 2nd game on Saturday. Koch will be playing in majors in 3 or 4 years baring injury of course!

No, I don’t bench him but he needs to come on. His approach has been awful. His situational hitting is nonexistent. He looks like he’s playing slow pitch softball.

I’m not sure why people keep saying pitching is the problem. We scored 5,3, & 5. That won’t do.

Hogs scored 4 early on Friday and only tacked on 1 the rest of the way. They barely put the ball in play in an extended relief appearance after chasing their ace.

Then, in G3 they scored 3 in the first and only scored 2 the rest of the way. They scored 3 runs total in Game 2.

This team is an offensive team. When they get ahead like that they need to continue to take good ABs and tack on to the lead.

They didn’t do that this weekend and it’s the main reason they were swept.

Tony LaRussa also urged his Athletics and Cardinals teams to add on. Keep adding on. He almost always had teams that could, too. He was never content with a four-run lead, make it five. And then make it six, so no one at-bat can take you out of the lead. I’m sure that he’s not the only manager to ever say that, but he’s the one that I remember specifically hearing say it.

Well everyone has an opinion and here goes mine. I think the Hogs were due a slump. My hope is that they will surge at the end of this season. I have taken some lumps for my old fashioned approach to hitting. I cringe when kids deliberately try to lift the ball. Along with that, their heads seem to be jerked out of the strike zone. Koch waned last year as the season went along. He may be following the same pattern this year. I thought last year he was tired, maybe he is this year also. But…trying to lift the ball and pull it all the time is a complicated approach. If you are a tired ball player, that complicates things further. I think Koch needs to take a level cut at the ball…hit the ball where it is pitched…make the game more simple…worked for George Brett, Pete Rose and Tony Gwynn.

I would say that Grant Koch is an all SEC level catcher that MLB scouts covet. Yes, he has had some troubles in key situations recently. That doesn’t mean that everything else we know and love about him is out the window. Baseball is a hard game…a very hard game and when played against top notch competition it is extremely difficult. To say that he is a “pop up machine” as a title line on a public forum is simply disrespecting the kid and the hard work he has put in to represent the Razorbacks at the highest level.

I can promise you that SEC coaching staffs have scouted everything they can about Grant’s swing, approach, and tendencies. They know he can beat them and I bet they wouldn’t describe him as a pop up machine. Baseball at this level is a game of adjustments. I’m certain Grant is working hard to put himself in a position to succeed when his next opportunity approaches.

Thank you.

Good observations.

My guess is they think he’s dangerous but can be pitched to and that he’s a “mistake hitter”. My guess is the scouting report is to pitch him away and let him get himself out. That’s what’s happening now, and it’s working.

I’m not one who is overly critical of players. I’m often described as being too pro-HC or pro-player.

I think Koch is a good player and is dangerous. I think he will be a solid draftee. I also think he’s in an extended rough patch and he needs to start adjusting and stop pulling off of everything–easier said than done, but it needs to happen.

That is a fair and rational observation that could create discussion on baseball forum. It is also a much more respectful take than the title of this thread.

Koch IMO gets himself out by being too far away from the plate and can’t barrel up the outside corner.He has moved up some lately but if you look at his swing he steps away from pitches which makes it impossible to cover the corner.He has missed some mistake pitches lately because he’s tying himself up trying to pull everything.I wished he would take Kjerstad approach and get up on the plate and try to take everything up the middle and react to the inside pitch.he’s still dangerous and will come up with some big hits because pitchers will always make some mistakes especially in college.