Kobe Bryant killed in crash


News reports stating Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash at California.

Apparently per ABC News some or all of his kids were also on board.

Terribly tragic if true. His poor wife. He had several daughters. 5 killed. Possible I guess.

Swine, that is the only site reporting family aboard. Others reporting wife Vanessa and their four kids not on board. Tragedy.

Also being reported Rick Fox was also on board

Now reports coming out he wasn’t.

The media needs to slow down and he their facts straight before reporting

Not in today’s world. Being first to report now far exceeds being accurate in reporting. It’s nice that this site bucks that current trend.

Yes. Be accurate, not first.

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It appears that one daughter was on board; Woj of ESPN is reporting that Kobe and his 13-year-old daughter were flying to a travel basketball game.

Daughter, 13 was on board with her teammate and parents of her teammate and the pilot. All dead.

Please don’t equate someone with a Twitter account to a legitimate newsgathering outlet. Not sure what the sources were, but erroneous reports travel and are accepted much more widely and quickly now. “The (responsible, dare I say mainstream) media” live in fear of making such mistakes and strive mightily to avoid them. Despite Twitter rumors.

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Seeing how it was ABC news, I’d say that’s a legit source that didn’t check their facts first.

I think that would be more accurate if the words “used to” were inserted between media" and live.

We are seeing media being victimized by the politicization of information. Media still do an amazing job of reporting. The lust to be first is all about being able to do your job tomorrow - gotta pay the bills. I’m old enough to remember that TV broadcasters reported that Ronald Reagan died in the operating room when shot in the early 80s. They are just doing their job.

Mainstream media will make mistakes because of a number of reasons, but when it is determined that they made a mistake, they will acknowledge it and correct it. Then there is media that often doubles down on the mistake. That is how I separate the media I trust and don’t trust.

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Such a sad and horrible loss of life. I totally understand where DD is coming from with his other posts reflecting upon how precious life is and to value every day we are blessed to be with our friends and loved ones.


The truth is out there. However, much of the time unrevealed on purpose or misrepresented.
People want to believe what they ‘want’ to believe
regardless of the truth. Facts are frightening and
very uncomfortable much of the time.

Tragedy hits us right between the eyes and death is
never a comfortable reality.

RIP Kobe and all aboard that aircraft.
Prayers for all of the families.

Lakers weren’t my favorite NBA team but always fun to watch for many years.
I believe Kobe was the youngest to ever hit the the NBA.

ABC has suspended the reporter who gave the bad report, and it will follow him, believe me. They do take it seriously. And now back to the political rants.

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