KO returns...

Arkansas is ranked 11th in the SEC and 100th in the nation, averaging 18.1 yards per kickoff return. Started inside the 20 after both returns last night.

Not a lot of room for Dominique Reed. He had some nice returns last year, a few big ones that were timely. There haven’t been many creases and it also hasn’t looked like he’s always been full bore either. I think it’s smart to get Dominique as many touches as possible, but the returns have been pretty lackluster so far this year.

The kickoff team yesterday was

Kendrick Jackson
Josh Liddell
Grayson Gunter
Ryder Lucas
Reid Miller
La’Michael Pettway
Dwayne Eugene
Cody Hollister
Santos Ramirez

There was no real wedge forming on either return. Hatcher didn’t touch anyone on the second, kinda understandable given it was a 35-3 game at that point.

Still, something to watch moving forward. Don’t want to start inside your own 20 against A&M, Bama and others. I wonder if T.J. Hammonds factors more into the return game at any point. He was back deep for two punts yesterday. I’d imagine they keep Dominique back there (and how could you blame them) but Hammonds has the skillset for returns.

Until they fix the KOR blocking, Devin Hester couldn’t do anything back there. We are not making any creases. There was one return last night where there were about six white shirts inside the 20 and the only red shirt in the area was carrying the ball. They’d completely shot through our blocking.

There, I fixed that for you. :sunglasses:

Can they even form a wedge anymore? I thought they had implemented a rule were it could only be 2 guys together

Him too. Although Joe didn’t do much KOR; that was more Dennis Johnson (and he was pretty good at it too). Joe only had 7 career KORs and averaged 17.7 per return.

That kickoff return team listed above tells you all you need to know. Arkansas is playing return and coverage teams to rest certain starters. Most teams have enough depth to put starting-quality talent on return and coverage teams. Where’s the blocking talent on that list?