Knoxville West's Drew Francis, Tyrese Edwards commit to Arkansas (story)

Linebacker Francis committed to Arkansas on Saturday night and then DE Edwards on Sunday morning.

That’s 13 commits n the 2020 c;lass. … grid-comm/

Looks like he was defensive player of the year for his region last year and is a son of Jeff Francis, former UT QB 85-88.

Welcome to the hogs!

Dudley with the number of 4 LBers we would like to take what are we now left with at the position? I would think French, Eason, and Moore? Looks like we could have an all Tennessee LBer class??

Good for them, and welcome.

But… this isn’t the SEC level recruiting. They better win some games this year or else Chad will fall victim to an undertalented team just like Bielema did (along with poor coaching). This won’t cut it, but j guess coming off a season like we had it’s unrealistic to expect anything else. This recruiting class isn’t going to be very good.

His rating not high enough to satisfy you? He was offered and had his commitment accepted by the most experienced SEC LB coach in SEC history. If Chavis believes in him, then so should everyone. Along with Caldwell offering and accepting Edwards. He knows exactly what he is doing.

Don’t disagree with you on that at all, just think it would be more accurate 7 years ago.

Chavis has shown a huge inability to recruit well here. I don’t doubt his eye for talent or anything, but it’s easily questioned when we are offering guys who’s best offer is Purdue. Chavis isn’t what he was at LSU, and never will be because he won’t ever have that talent again. I like him and think he’s one of the best to ever do it, but he’s not what he once was.

And yes… they’re rating isn’t good enough. We’ve got way to many guys who aren’t even top 500. Some will rise, maybe even these guys. But until then, these aren’t the type of guys that other recruits will buy into, they look at this stuff just as much as fans do. They want to play with big time players. Recruiting rankings are also undeniable at this point, they matter, like many have said many times. If not… then please, please let me know when someone makes it to the play off without having recruited top 10, 15 or I’ll even give you top 20. You won’t find it.

Have to have more blue chips, last year our class had about 40%, a little over, which is great. Our best probably ever in that. This year we are at 15%, which is bad. A team with less than 50% on their roster hasn’t won a national championship in damn near my lifetime.

Were you expecting to compete for a national championship in the next 2-3 years? We’re hoping to make a bowl game the next few years and build on that. We weren’t going to go from the cellar to the playoffs, lol.

If you recall, Dudley has mentioned several times this is about the time we picked things up with recruiting last year and things took off. So based on that, we are not behind at this point. We have a big announcement coming on the 23rd and appear to be heavy favorites to get the commitment and that is a 4 star LB in French. We appear to be in very good shape to get his running mate at LB another 4 star recruit along with I believe another 4 star LB out of Tennessee. So if we land 2 or all 3 of those studs then we are back on track with last years class at this time of year.

Obviously not…

I’m just saying, you have to make consistent progress, that on the field and recruiting.

I didn’t think this class would be as good as last year, because we went 2-10. But it still needs to be top 25. So like I just said, we better win some games this year because this level of recruiting will kill Chads job here. We have to do better, IF we ever want to compete in the SEC, which is what we need to worry about first. And this won’t get it done.

I’d feel better if these guys had offers from the two instate SEC schools, one which is a few miles down the road, had offered. Maybe they will, maybe more will, that would make me feel better.

It’s more long term picture. As well as the fact that big time guys won’t be as excited to play with guys ranked 1600 with the best offer from Arizona State.

I don’t doubt Caldwell as much as Chavis, but either way… not every one of our 11 3 stars are diamonds in the rough. I do understand how hard to believe that may be around here.

According to Dudley Texas A&M and Vandy offered, those are S E C offers are they not.


I agree. We need those guys to commit badly. They will help with recruiting. French and Eason are the type of guys that other players get excited about playing with.

We drastically need something, because while it keeps getting said that things will be picking up soon, I don’t think we have as much momentum with guys as we did this time last year.

I hope we get Hayes, but I don’t have much faith we will.

We need some of this momentum to actually surface.

The A&M offer isn’t something that is agreed on everywhere, and even if it is real, it’s highly unlikely it’s committable (which would make it not real) because they haven’t seemed to show much interest because they are on much better players… so that’s not a real offer.

Maybe the Vandy is real, thag would be better then having the in state school not offering you, regardless of how horrible they are(not that we can talk).

Well, let’s see where the class is ranked in Feb, not July. We were top 25 in avg/player last time I looked. I suspect we will improve over the next two weeks, also.

I I agree. I get impatient, it’s still early. But it’s not as early as t used to be, 70-80 percent of these guys will sign in 5 months, compared to the old February.

We were 23, before these two guys, highly doubt we are top 25 now. I agree it will too, or atleast it better.

Still 23rd after Francis, they haven’t added Edwards when I last looked.

Yeah he’s who will cause to drop, he’s a .82

It will drop them 1 position, lol, behind UNC’s .8715.

I’d like to win a SEC game. That would be cool. With the system as it is allowed and is in college football, we are what we are and will be that the rest of my life. Don’t see it changing. A floating bobber of avg at best. We did ride a pretty good wave years ago, but …

If all things were equal, I would not believe that, but that’s just miles from the case, and probably decades from the case. It’s wrestling.

Are these coaches just throwing darts? Are they trying to get the roster full because they know that almost every blue chip won’t seriously consider us? CCM talks about how much they recruit all the time, and then blow up social media with 2 kids that have no other real interest other than Mizzou?

24/7 has us rated 36th in the nation and 12th in the SEC. That’s terrible. I don’t blame these kids for jumping all over the offers, but we have got to get French, and a whole lot more.

People get offended about negative opinions on the coach and staff, but they caused this. They came out and said all this stuff was gonna happen, and put out all this hype. Now, it’s just another ho-hum result.

Jr Dent hit it on the head. This ain’t gonna cut it, and CCM will be looking for another place to work if he doesn’t make a drastic improvement. These kids won’t play on a non NFL translatable offense, and primary nickel defense. Especially in the SEC.

They’re 23rd or 24th in rankings when based on avg, there’s no need to throw the towel in in July. Exactly what did they say was going to happen?