Knox vs. Burks

In the MS article, Morris talks about the effort Burks gave in chasing down Diggs on the pick six and how he’s been preaching that kind of effort. When I watched it, I noticed two things: Burks is seriously fast and gave serious effort, and Knox is seriously slow. I thought he pulled a hamstring. Did you guys see that. He was right behind Diggs, and before you knew it, Diggs had 10 yards on him. At first I thought Diggs is just really fast, but then when I saw Burks chase him down, I realized Knox is really slow.

Knox has been playing with a minor hip problem for about the last six or seven weeks, so I’m not sure he’s at full speed. Based on high school tape and watching several of the Hog games live this fall, Burks is certainly faster than Knox even when Knox is completely healthy.

Knox is 6’5 he is not meant to be a burner

I thought he may have had an injury, so that makes sense. It looked like he was laboring.

So is Usain Bolt and he’s the ultimate “burner”. :grinning:

Burks is not a little man. 6’3” and 220 lbs. He gives good effort every play and certainly has not quit this year. His hustle on the turnovers should inspire his teammates to be play that hard.