Knox injury

is it more serious than we were originally led to believe by coaches? another day not even dressed.

cause for concern yes, redshirt possibility maybe?

I’m wondering same thing.

Seems a lot more serious than thought a few weeks ago.

We can never keep skill people healthy,Why you have to have a ton of them! We need Jackson and Nash to step up!

My bet is that the staff is simply easing his load on the bye week. They obviously want him back as close to full speed as possible for Kentucky. I’m not concerned about it yet. Resting him 11 days before the next game seems ideal. I’ll have another update this afternoon.

I think someone mentioned a hip pointer the other day. They are very painful and slow to heal.

There are no reasons to push your injured stars on weeks when there is not a game.

I do know that he is getting in on the prep sessions and film review

Better safe than sorry.