Knox had great receiving game but his blocking needs some work ------

----------------- he failed to block the edge a couple of times when we tried to go wide and he gave up a “lookout block” on the defensive end who nailed KJ in the back for a big sack. Looks like pass blocking on the left side of our line is not where you want Knox when KJ drops back. He is a great receiving talent and KJ trusts him. He is just not yet a finished product at tight end and they need to learn where to use him and when so he can be effective as a blocker too.

He whiffed big time on the KJ sack for sure. But that was the only one I saw.

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I’m sure that will be covered on film and he’ll learn from it. But as CSP said “he likes to block”. He’ll get better.

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He had a great block that help spring KJ for the first TD of the game.

bad scheme, not a bad block alone on the KJ sack. No way he can reach to the inside on that angle. The one who failed to meet expectations all day long was Dalton Wagner who seemed to lose wind and technique as the game went on. I will recognize that Cinncy looked like a hard team to block with excellent coaching. Lots to learn and much, much better than Rice last year for execution and effort. I am going to drink less kool-aid from the media and realize how close we are removed from really dark days. The dedicated blocking TE had the same problems as Trey which suggest a big ask by the coaches on the scheme for play blocking. Stromberg and Jones were really tough and mostly Luke Jones who looks and played like a stud LT yesterday… Congratulations on trying hard and mostly succeeding to everyone asked to block including WR’s who lack that skill mostly.

Knox had a holding penalty that wiped out a big gainer.