Know who this is?

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grrr I don’t seem to be able to copy & paste it. The Bear with a stringer of Bass

Bill Dance???:thinking:

I just went through this to post a pic on another thread.

To do so in this forum, you need to first save the pic (probably a jpg file) to someplace on your local hard drive (“C”). Then, in “editing post” mode, click on the rectangle in the center of the icons up on top of the box you are typing your post in that will display a label of “Upload” when you hover over it. After you click on it, navigate to the place on your drive where you saved the picture, and double-click on that file.

Voila! You will have what you need to post your picture.

How do you post a pic off an iPad…

Vin ascolese?

Jerry McGinnis

Still one of my favorite terrible recruiting stories. Illustrates just how bad bret was with recruiting

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