Knight's 10-0

Only pitcher in the country with 10 wins and no losses according to the TV guys. I’d be willing to bet no Hog has ever been 10-0 in a season. School record is 13 wins in a season by Steve Krueger and Rich Erwin. Let’s see, 13 would be regional, super and Omaha. I wouldn’t bet against him. And maybe a 14th if we get deep into Omaha.

He’s dealing! He continues to shut down some very good offenses. Pray he gets every opportunity to break the school record.

love it! keep it up BK!!

I looked at the CWS schedule. The way they spread it out you may only need two starters until the championship series (which works out well for us with Knight and Murphy). It’s even possible, if he went on short rest twice and we got to a Game 3 in the CS, BK could pitch three games in Omaha.