Hasn’t been himself for the last month it seems. Not good going into tournament. Leaving balls up and seems to get frustrated when he doesn’t pitch a near perfect game.

You may be right…I’m not sure. I think tonight he’s frustrated at the errors and that the ump is squeezing him a little

he’s just been getting the ball up and in this league they won’t miss many of them…

Knight hasn’t had the best night, but part of that is obviously due to the errors. He’s an emotional pitcher and sometimes lets those mistakes compound. He has done a better job of that this year, but it’s still there a little bit.

Overall I think he has been fine. He was outstanding last Friday against Texas A&M.

He’s still undefeated.

Knight has tenacity. Not his best game but he’s getting them out when it counts.

yes he battled tonight.errors gave them 2 runs and that got him off to a bad start.

He is now 9-0 with a 2.88 ERA.

He’s a pitbull out there

Knowing Blaine, I think he would love that analogy.

The errors lead to unearned runs as well as cost Knight on his pitch count and at least one inning he could have continued to pitch.
When you hear the old song “Who Let the Dogs Out” Blaine Knight would be leading the charge. Quality start and a win!