Knight stifles another star in finals Game 1 … ame-1-win/

Blaine Knight and Arkansas held Beavers 2B Nick Madrigal without a hit for the first time this postseason. Madrigal even popped off to Knight after lining out hard to second to end the fifth. Knight didn’t care.

“I just executed a pitch in because you had a hole in and look what you did,” Knight told me. "Don’t get me wrong, this dude is an incredible athlete. He went No. 4 overall for a reason and he can hit, but like I said, as long as I executed my pitch and not his I wasn’t worried about a thing tonight.

“I don’t care what they’re hitting as a team. I’ll make a statement. I haven’t backed down from anybody all year long and I wasn’t going to start now.”

The headlines since mid-season should have been reading along the lines of: Does this superstar pitcher from Florida or Oregon State (or wherever) have any chance of shutting down Blaine Knight, the best college pitcher in the country, based on performance, not reputation?